Iskar D’Abrel: “Ruins of You” – a thunder that hits the heart!

Everything is cyclical. The contentious matter of rock in any of its classic forms, for example, resurfaces every few years as a nagging speck in the public’s eye. Countless...

Everything is cyclical. The contentious matter of rock in any of its classic forms, for example, resurfaces every few years as a nagging speck in the public’s eye. Countless pieces are written and released, offering new hope, while the genre continues to march solemnly, undisturbed and oblivious, pumping out corporate rock and nu-metal flavors of the day. Iskar D’Abrel latest single, “Ruins of You” arrives just in time for one such episode. Produced by Ivan Vukosavljevic, with lead vocals by Marcello, the track brings back that nostalgic taste of classic rock – featuring a driving rhythm, expansive guitars and a soaring melody. This is the kind of music that has never failed to impress me before, and even after a single listen, I can confidently state that Iskar D’Abrel did not fail me either. This is an exciting and intense journey.

The A-Team

The A-Team

While Iskar D’Abrel’s work as a musician, is ingrained with clever pop music sensibilities, the track doesn’t exaggerate this, relying more on its explosive rock momentum. The music, often recalls a blend of 80s arena rock and nineties art pop tropes, with touches of progressive influences.

Catchy hooks and big choruses are the order of the day, as Marcello’s raspy vocals pushes the song towards its climax. Hearing Iskar’s rock tropes and motifs so emotionally charged like this can be breathtaking, especially when the songwriting is always bringing its A-game.

A pop-rock record this beautifully organic, powerful, and well-crafted deserves to reach many ears, and Iskar D’Abrel should be proud of its many merits as one of this year’s most thoroughly enjoyable rock experiences so far.

The essential beauty of art and music is that it allows artists to share their emotional experience, conveying the hidden depths of themselves to another person they have probably never met before. And Iskar D’Abrel shows himself to be a master of the craft on “Ruins of You”.


The kind of feeling an artist like Iskar brings to his music has hardly felt so authentic in recent years. The track feels profound and powerful. Iskar may play with traditional rock n’ roll hero notions here, but he never succumbs to them. Possibly the greatest thing about “Ruins of You”, outside of Iskar’s writing and arrangement, is the creatives and performers that he has chosen to surround himself with.

More than ever, it feels like Iskar D’Abrel has fashioned himself as a conductor and project leader of sorts, letting people like Marcello and Ivan Vukosavljevic help bring his vision to life. Together they build the song up to a thunder that hits the heart in a place only the best sort of music can hope to reach.

The single cover

“Ruins of You” is about as close to recording perfection as one can get from an independent endeavor. Even during the track’s most scorching moments, every instrument comes through in full dimension, and are balanced with a mix that critics might praise. Despite this refined sense of calibration, the album retains a warmth and organic appeal.

With this song, Iskar D’Abrel has fused many of his favorite influences into something intelligent, classic and as musically proficient as a listener could hope for. To make it better, a music video was made for the song that fits its subject matter wonderfully – and is well worth checking out.

More About: Iskar D’Abrel is Pop-Rock songwriter based in California. With deeply introspective lyrics and songwriting inspired by great acts of the 70’s and 80’s. D’Abrel found his first inspiration in the wake of a heart wrenching breakup. Music was a way to soothe his pain and quiet his suffering. Outside of music, Iskar is a full time psychology professor and author. He has published two psychology textbooks, as well as two science fiction/fantasy novels (‘The One That I Am’, and ‘Beyond the Wheel of History’) both of which are available for purchase on Amazon.

For more information, visit and follow him on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.


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