Alec Henderson Band: “Fly Away” hits with a refreshing sincerity that is hard to come by these days.

Alec Henderson Band is an acoustic duo from Greensburg, PA. In March of 2016, Alec Henderson and Dane Whatule went to a Pittsburgh recording studio to record “Fly Away,” their debut album. Recorded live in the studio, the album mixes reggae and blues within its rock and roll borders.

the cover artwork
the cover artwork

The single “Fly Away” is an amazing song and lyrically has a range of motions within it. It has an Eastern European gypsy-esque acoustic feel to it that is interesting too. What most bands would need a full album of screams to accomplish is simply summed up into a simple chorus and some guitar strumming by the Alec Henderson Band.

They use restraint to keep from taxing the listener, and do so in a way that keeps one reaching for the repeat button. Listening to “Fly Away” once is almost impossible. In fact, it’s hard to listen to this track all the way through without skipping back.

Seriously, if you’re really interested in hearing a more intense and original acoustic sound, the Alec Henderson Band is the artist you’ve been looking for. The song will send your heart racing, yet will entrance you into a sweet, happy slumber at the same time. The music here moves, and weaves nicely around Alec Henderson’s beautiful melody and choruses.

Alec Henderson
Alec Henderson

Emerging out of a time focused on heavily produced electronic music and lip-synching boy divas, the Alec Henderson Band is a refreshing artist that combines smooth vocals and acoustic guitar driven rhythms.  They capture feelings and senses in music that most artists overlook.

I hate to repeat myself, but amidst the synthetic stuff being mass-produced and forced down the throats of consumers, it’s wonderful to see such a genuine talent appear on the scene. “Fly Away” hits with a refreshing sincerity that is hard to come by these days.

The production on the track is relatively straight-forward, allowing the melody and thoughtful lyrics to spring forth, driven by Dane Whatule’s tasteful drumming. If you like artists like Rachael Yamagata, John Mayer, Jeffrey Gaines, and Dave Matthews, among others, you will almost certainly find a place in your heart for the Alec Henderson Band.


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