Janna Pelle: “Favorite Customer” is built on intimacy and personal exploration

Janna Pelle is a classically trained pianist-turned DIY Pop performer combining elements of rock, soul, and dance into her theatrical live performances. Inspired by David Byrne’s book, “How Music Works,” Janna released “Key Change” on April 9, 2016, a concept album illustrating the evolution of the keyboard instrument from harpsichord to synthesizer. With each track on the album performed with a different keyboard instrument.

Janna Pelle
Janna Pelle

“Favorite Customer” is the second song and video released from the “Key Change” album. I honestly didn’t expect to love this record (and video) as much as I do. Truth is that Janna Pelle is a genius songwriter and she has so much emotion in her songs. Sometimes you are shown a song that means something to you and grows into you even though it might not be the type of music you normally listen to. The musical style becomes less important than the words being sung. “Favorite Customer” captures your attention in both instances.

This is not the overly robotic, emotionless alt-pop you hear from too many contemporary artists – it’s a recording built on intimacy and personal exploration. This truly is a nearly perfect modern pop single and it’s one that many artists out there should attempt to emulate in theme, tone, production, vocal performance song craft and pretty much everything.

The arrangement is beautifully layered with keyboard sounds that peek out during the choruses, while the verses rest neatly upon an understated but insistent drum beat. The theme is a contorted mix of doctors, hospitals, illnesses, dependence and relationships, where you may read between the lines as much as your mind will allow.

The album cover
The album cover

Janna Pelle is such a refreshing talent. She comes across as artsy but humble, content with delivering great music and not preoccupied with catching our eye with the inessentials. She focuses her energy on writing, and what we are left with is a supremely inspired song that is layered with emotional depth, backed up with intelligent and inspired lyrics. The lyrical content here is so sublimely crafted, with astute words that create an understanding of all the insecurities that corrode our happiness.

It is a heart touching song no matter how you interpret the lyrics. It is impressively haunting, and the imagery that comes from her words leaves a lasting impression, plus the way Janna Pelle delivers it with such solemn intensity over those haunted keys and minimal beat is just devastating. The song gets into the cracks of mind.

Romeo’s Steals and Deals, a Ricky’s Outlet store has entered into an exclusive collaboration featuring Janna Pelle. This collaboration will enhance the cool city vibe of Ricky’s while bringing Janna’s music and personality to a wider audience.


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