Lyrical Praise: “Strapped Up” – a Christ-centered message and a fantastic sound

Isaac Guest and Justin Gonzalez are Lyrical Praise a Christian Hip Hop group that spreads the word of God through music. “We say the things that other Christian Artists are afraid to say when it comes to God’s word,” says the group. Lyrical Praise has a new single out, entitled “Strapped Up” ft. B-Rizzy.

Lyrical-Praise-MagPic2The group’s testimony speaks to your heart. Their call to you to rise and be a light in this dark world is timely and yet timeless. This track will influence you to examine your life and convict you of your shiftlessness in the body of Christ but then inspires you to do more.

I’m sure this is just the spark that many Christians need to reignite the ember in their soul. Lyrical Praise’s scripturally inspired words will touch the hearts of the saints and move all to action for such a time as this.

Lyrical Praise paints pictures with their lyrics and they just have something about them that makes you connect. They get into details about their life, their struggles and victories and how they are blessed to be the called and to be able to worship.

Throughout “Strapped Up” they keep the same tenacity for preaching and combine it with music and lyrics that everyone can learn something from.

Lyrical-Praise-Magpic4This hip-hop track is fire, the whole thing is powerful. Lyrical Praise has infused so much style and substance in this work for the Kingdom. You will feel invigorated and inspired by the insistent flow and power-packed verses.

You may neither be a Christian, nor a regular fan of modern hip-hop, but if you listen to a lot of music then you will enjoy “Strapped Up”.

The track has its own unique sound and it’s great to listen to. It’s very carefully crafted music with a good message. I think that it’s something that all music fans that are open to a new experience might really enjoy.

A combination of both a great, Christ-centered message and a fantastic sound is not something that is easily found nowadays, but like Lecrae, Trip Lee and Andy Mineo before them, Lyrical Praise has delivered! This is music that inspires and touches your soul.

You can feel the Father’s love for his followers and have a deeper understanding of His heart through songs by these fellows. Reach out and feel it. Soon Lyrical Praise will also have their new “Summer Praise” album out.


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