“Grind” allows Cut to flex his ability as an actual rhyme slinger!

For most rappers in the game, dropping three projects in row seems unfathomable because, well, what else is there left to rap about? Fortunately for Cut, 2016 continues to be an eventful year. From “The Hood Gave Me” to the current “Grind” and the upcoming “Why You Hatin’ On Me”, it has become general knowledge that Cut’s pen game has significantly improved. There has been such a drastic improvement that one might say Cut is modern Hip Hop’s most improved underground emcee.

People could look to Cut for a quick 8 and thundering chorus, but nowadays, he is at his best with intricate verses which are becoming more exciting to listen to. Luckily he brings both skills to “Grind”. The song allows Cut to flex his ability as an actual rhyme slinger. At the same time though he hasn’t lost the “turn up,” “big chorus” and “street anthem” sound. Just listen to the vocal hook on this track for proof.

the new single cover
the new single cover

All in all, “Grind” does its job. It hits hard and surely proves just how good Cut can be as a songwriter. It also proves how sharp he has become as a rapper. Everything that makes him appealing as an artist is wrapped up into this song and it came out perfectly.

The beat is bangingly triumphant yet smooth. And here’s another thing I’ll give Cut; he has an production. This stuff sounds so crisp and clean. I think it really helps him too. You can really hear all the details and it adds a ton of texture to the song. This may just be the thundering single that the new album is built around.

As the saga that is Cut’s hip-hop life continues, he has unloaded yet another dope track for fans.  On the project, he maintains his impenetrable armor that has been tested over the years, and it is still working for him.

MORE ABOUT: Cut is an artist from New Orleans who grew up in the St. Bernard Housing Project suffering from poverty, drugs and violence. In 2007 Cut released his debut album, “Mother Nature”, with OneThang, his fellow label mate at the time. The album sold over 60,000 copies on the black market. Cut who has worked with artists such Snoop Dogg , Lil Boosie , Teflon and many more, has released 4 mixtapes since his debut release.



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