Chords of Truth: “Wonder” – an awareness of our complex living conditions

At some point after the storm, after days, weeks, months, or years of tumult and uncertainty, the clouds part. The sun shines. Everything feels right, however tenuously. This is the exact moment that Jason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth brings his latest ‘song of hope, inspiration and action for the future of our civilization’, to the table.

“I wonder bout the people who live without the means
to get them where they need to be for bringing about change
that they look for in the models they see all around them
in the family, in the city, in the schoolyard
Who are they?
I wonder what they could be?
Who will help them see…If you won’t?”

Chords of Truth is actually looking up, when relating his ever-literate tale of down-on-their-luck characters and people who could change the world given the opportunity. Though he does wonder who they can be, and are. There’s a welcoming hopefulness that could only come from a person with immense faith — a sly grin and a knowledge that, worry not, it can get better.

CHORDS-OF-TRUTH-WONDER-CoverBut Jason again, does admonish that first we need to “create a world without hunger, without thirsting, without hatred, without fighting and wars”. Such an optimistic streak shines through from the opening moments of “Wonder”, the new track by Chords of Truth.

It’s a lilting uplift that carries through to the stark starry-eyed acoustic instrumentation too. Building from a lone acoustic guitar with flourishes of bass, keyboards, strings and steadfast drumming, Chords of Truth infuses his three-and-a-half-minute labor of love with meaning.

The problem with music of tangible substance is eventually you have to follow each release up, knowing that it will inevitably be compared to your previous work. All along his career though, Jason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth has had considerable performing tools to aid him—dramatic flair, vocal grace that conspicuously distinguishes his sound from roots-rock rasping, and guitar prowess to match. He’s also got integrity, a trait not so easily found in the marketplace.

Jason displays a broad self-acceptance and a healthily empowering approach towards his fellowmen throughout his music. You sense that most in his sounds—and the way those sounds play against the lyrics, sometimes rough, sometimes sweet, always in league.

The song that may best capture how this gifted, always surprising songwriting singer sees things right now—aware of complex living conditions and both political and  social injustices, letting the sounds used add to the sense, and loving both humanity and his art – is ““Wonder”.


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