The Silver Bayonets: “Low” hits like a ton of bricks!

“Low” demands that you turn the volume way up, and maybe blow out a window or two to your house, until your neighbors come over, screaming at you!

The Silver Bayonets are a London-based indie-rock band that has been gigging in London since summer 2012. Fronting the group on guitar and vocals is songwriter Kabir Sheikh, while the bassist, Ross Guy, and the drummer, Enzo Cuticchia, both add backing vocals.

The Silver Bayonets gigging.

The Silver Bayonets gigging.

The band’s debut album “The Pain Inside Your Head”, recorded at Alaska Studios in London and mastered at Masterdisk, NYC, is out now on the Header Records label, through all major digital stores. From the same album, The Silver Bayonets have now released the single “Low”, while they are hard at work completing their follow-up album.

On first listening, I think this London trio is unmatched in sheer sonic accolade-worthy do-it-yourself rock. And I think “Low”, as well as their album is a terrific record. It shows the artistic expression of the band as they blow their songs apart.

This single displays a band simultaneously dead set on moving forward into the future of indie-rock, while the dynamic tension of their music has all the frenetic but controlled energy on the verge of total obliteration, showcased by a handful of legendary punk and rock bands that came before them.

In my mind “The Pain Inside Your Head” is a seminal and pivotal record for independent rock and roll, and “Low” forms part of that explosive package. The Silver Bayonets seem to have one thing in mind – delivering an emotional aural experience, and they never compensate for that with their sound or their enthusiasm on any of their tracks.

The single cover

The single cover

Even their photo-shoots jump to life with seething emotion depicted in every picture taken. “Low” is one of the band’s best songs, with great lyrics spit out with venomous anger by Kabir over his crunching, buzzsaw guitar and biting solos, Ross’ percolating bass, and some ridiculous drumming from Enzo. After 5 minutes and 5 seconds there can be no denying the emotional and cathartic impact of this song.

Listening to the album it is clear that all the songs from The Silver Bayonets hit like a ton of bricks, not a relentless grind but explosive releases, tempered and leavened by some quieter moments to stand out all the more dramatically.

Kabir Sheikh shines for his powerful vocals and surprisingly poetic, enigmatic lyrics that add a nice twist to the edgy, hard sound. Besides the ever-present powerful melodies, the most important trait of this band’s music is the raw, surging emotion that permeates through every track. “Low” demands that you turn the volume way up, and maybe blow out a window or two to your house, until your neighbors come over, screaming at you!

The single “Low” is to be released worldwide through Amazon, iTunes, and all good digital retailers on 8th August 2016.


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