MYRNA Releases Official video for the Single “Beautiful”

MYRNA is a Norwegian soulstress and songwriter with roots from the Philippines. She´s known as the ‘Soul Queen’ of her hometown Bergen and just released a brand new music video “Beautiful” from her 2016-sophomore album “Story Of I”. This is a great urban contemporary album.

Myrna - "Story Of I" cover
Myrna – “Story Of I” cover

MYRNA ingeniously steps into the shoes of a variety of characters so intriguing that you can’t help but stay tuned. And if you’re reading this, you are already aware of how amazing her vocals are. They lend to the authenticity of an array of tales with a killer foundation of melodies and beats.

From what I can see she has been going for a few years now, but I doubt that her skills simply can be ignored for much longer.  The music industry is lacking true soul but I feel like MYRNA recaptures what is needed in the industry today. She’s putting out quality music with great vocals and production that deserves recognition. I reckon she is heavily penalized by being based in a Northern European country.

On the album she goes from the expected R&B feel of the title track to the hot jazzy rhythms of “So Simple”, to the high-energy soul-pop feel of “Never Meant To Be”, to the empowering anthem “Do What You Love” and everything in between.

This album is one that really puts MYRNA’s artistry on exhibit and has a draw for a broad audience. I originally listened to the entire album because of the single “Beautiful”, but as I was listening to it, it became apparent very quickly that I was listening to a real classy production, full of characters, storylines, and themes.


MYRNA is truly talented, her music tugs on that inner part of your soul that only real talent can find. The album is not just about catchy tunes and synthesized beats but about superbly performed vocals with perfect accompanying arrangements.

 And then when you think you’ve heard it all from MYRNA, out jumps the funky, finger-snapping, toe-tapping, booty-shaking funky gem that is “Beautiful. Upbeat and perky, the song’s energetic feel-good vibe is reminiscent of the Daft Punk – Pharrell collaboration, on “Get Lucky”.

This will keep you motivated and pumping all night long, while MYRNA’s voice is perfection, along with her spunky attitude and overflowing charisma. This woman oozes talent and is horribly underrated. I would normally tell you to grab the single, but my advice is to get the entire album to lock on to the flow of her shine!


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