Cut: “Put It Down Like You” takes all of his trademarks!

Cut has been heating up for a while now with a steady load of single releases. He has received a wave of praise that is almost impossible to overlook, since the release of “Mother Nature” his debut album in 2007. The flame that he sparked back then has had no chance to die out, as he continues to push out new music, feeding the fire, a fire that glows brightly and that some are still continuing to overlook.

That there was just too much happening and that Cut was just another raindrop in each year’s release of endless music may be a valid excuse for some. However the market isn’t so saturated with good material yet, his only competition being a handful of serious underground rappers.

cut-pidly-350And unlike some, Cut lost no flair, nor has he grown cold since his debut release. On the contrary the recent wave of heat he has been bringing with the releases of “The Hood Gave Me”, “Grind” and most recently “Why You Hatin On Me” was unexpected, and the people have begun to cheer again.

I’ll admit, it was vague at first, but I was interested in seeing what caused this change, especially considering that in the past Cut has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Lil Boosie.

Riding off the moment of his well-received previous single, Cut’s new solo effort, Put It Down Like You” takes all of his trademarks — the sharp raps, the catchy summer party choruses, and that impossibly lush beat — and raises them to the next level. It’s the best Cut has sounded in a very long time.

As always Cut never fails to bring something exciting to the project. This artist from New Orleans, who grew up in the St. Bernard Housing Project suffering from poverty, drugs and violence has managed to continue his productivity and step up his writing, track after track.

There is no doubt that Cut has always been confident, but his confidence seams to stem from a passionate and emotive level rather than just a materialistic, money hungry level. I know it sounds cliché but Cut truly did come from nothing and is now working his way through the ranks to where not many can make it to the top.

The lucky few that do make it, don’t find themselves there for very long. The distinguishing thing about Cut is the amount of energy that he possesses and the versatility that he brings in his raps. And exactly what you’ll find on “Put It Down Like You”. Overall, the rule is, when it’s a Cut track, then its worth-listening option!


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