Mr. Smith: “Warning Label” – something we have been waiting for!

Mr. Smith who has secretly written alongside some of the industry’s most noted creatives – from Toni to Tamar to Kandi and TLC’s T-Boz, has finally stepped...

Mr. Smith who has secretly written alongside some of the industry’s most noted creatives – from Toni to Tamar [Braxton] to Kandi [Burruss] and TLC’s T-Boz, has finally stepped up to the plate with his debut solo single entitled, “Warning Label”. And I’m so glad he represents a blend of real R&B, Soul and Urban Pop.

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith

No ranting, no yelling, but rather a smooth almost understated delivery that simmers with urgent energy and passion. “It would be easier if everybody came, with a warning label,” sings Mr. Smith, in voice that women want to possess and men want to imitate.

His message is clear and exquisitely centered on that “regrettable act of giving your love away to someone undeserving”. Choosing the right person can be so hard, especially without any warning signs, which could in some cases be a determining ally. Hence the process would be an easier one if we all possessed a “Warning Label”, professes Mr. Smith.

The track is well written, arranged and produced, not to mention Mr. Smith’s smooth and masterful vocal ability. His voice caresses each and every word giving you the sentiment of a desperately hurt romantic, from left to right and up and down. He has that magic in his vocal cords that will generate empathy in people right from the very first line he sings.

In fact, to be honest, watching the official video of the song, Mr. Smith has this effect even before he sings one syllable, due to his warm and affable persona. Embodying the afflicted romantic in the aftermath of a capriciously one-sided and dishonest relationship, Mr. Smith scans individuals who cross his path during a typical day, in search of that elusive “Warning Label”.

The single cover

The single cover

With this single release, Mr. Smith has stepped out of the box and delivered something we may have been waiting for.  This song displays a vulnerability and sensitivity hard to find in the genre. He does not pander to the lowest common denominator, both lyrically or musically, preferring to deliver a work of exquisite elegance and profound affection.

And all the while avoiding clichéd production gimmickry and extreme lyrical profanity – another genre exclusive!  “Warning Label” will bring chills to you, and you’ll find yourself putting this song on repeat more often than not.

MORE ABOUT: Mr. Smith’s road to solo artistry has been paved with years of admirably boastful work as a songwriter, background vocalist (India Arie) and vocal producer. While a student at Morehouse College, Mr. Smith began his career in Atlanta with initial guidance from Dallas Austin and eventually signed his first publishing deal with Hiram Hicks.

He’s been managed by Usher’s Mom-ager Jonetta Patton & has long standing friendships with entertainment industry impresarios like Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and R&B Diva/702 Singer “Meelah”. Throw in a Law Degree from George Washington University (yes, he’s also a lawyer) and you have a uniquely experienced, multi-faceted artist finally ready to step forward.


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