Dudley Alexander: “Benjamins” – a superstar in the making!

Pop artist Dudley Alexander has dropped his latest single “Benjamins”. It goes without saying that Dudley sounds like a consummate entertainer, giving you a song that you love and delivering a performance that will have people talking.

The track brings across an upbeat, and joyous club banging beat that will be hard to resist to on the dance floor. But this is just as great coming out of the speakers while you cruise up and down the coast, with the top down.

Dudley Alexander
Dudley Alexander

This is straight ahead infectious pop music, geared towards R&B. The song has a stellar hook and an addicting rhythm, over and above the feel-good vibe that it explodes with. Dudley Alexander delivers a vocal that is both charming and effortless, as he reaches for notes and harmonies meant to mesmerize you.

Dudley definitely has the voice, the moves and the appearance of a superstar in the making.

He is another one of those artists that make you wonder where in the world he came from out of nowhere. I didn’t really know what to expect on putting this track on for the first time. But once the first notes of that funky guitar kicked in, it was a pushover for Dudley Alexander to convince that he was the real deal.

The supporting video further enhances my positive impact with this artist. Dudley exudes an easy-going, unpretentious and smooth character that will surely win the ladies over, although his voice alone could probably crown that achievement.

Dudley Alexander is one of those exceptional individuals with a golden voice, clean face and smart moves that on “Benjamins”, reminds you of those super groovy and uplifting artists that rode in during the 90’s to set your feet and soul on fire.

Dudley is the package deal that with just the right promotion and profile building will spread like wildfire. His ability to mix various styles and nuances, and then expand upon the palette and script of urban-pop music makes “Benjamins” simply terrific.


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