Rebecca Nacshon: “Beat of Broken Heart” & “Everlasting Love”

Rebecca Nacshon writes, composes and sings her own original music. She gets inspiration from nature, her feelings inside and life in general. Rebecca has released 3 singles, namely, “Everlasting Love”, in an original and an acoustic version, plus “Beat of Broken Heart”.

My expectations were incredibly high, yet somehow, Rebecca has managed to exceed them. With these tracks she solidifies her sound, displaying decent production values. The tracks are not over-produced, as we often see happen to many artists like her, but are excellently orchestrated on every track to achieve an effect that is simultaneously intimate and grand.

Rebecca Nacshon
Rebecca Nacshon

These sounds would fill the largest concert hall, yet also be very in place at your local coffee shop. She shows off a broad variety of sounds and musical colors; however, they are all distinctly Rebecca Nacshon, tied together by her unique, sultry vocal quality.

All songs seem relatively simple lyrically, but upon closer examination you’ll find that the lyrics actually work on many levels, using beautiful metaphors and often idiomatic phrases to achieve a deep sort of representational meaning.

For example, in the stunning ballad “Everlasting Love”, Rebecca sings of a velvet sky and images of the stars to create a sense of luscious, immense and eternal love. Though the lyrics sometimes repeat, they do so out of necessity, reaching as deep as they can with their poignant messages of hope and love.

“Beat of Broken Heart” separates itself from the usual pop crowd by having the saxophone as a call-and-answer effect to Rebecca’s voice. The saxophone is an extremely soulful and emotional sounding instrument, which rarely finds its way into modern popular music anymore.

Therefore we’ll need to add one more little star to Rebecca Nacshon’s musical achievements here, for adopting this deliciously sounding horn into the song arrangement.  If I were to characterize these songs I would say it has honest lyrics, catchy arrangements with gorgeously layered instrumentation, and finally that sweet, sweet soulful voice.

Rebecca definitely has an ear-candy sound of her own and has the promise of a successful and long lasting career if she sets her mind to it. With her talent for writing and singing, these songs have a lot of emotional depth and will resonate with most.


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