Zach Wolf: “Love” – when simplicity becomes pure beauty!

Zach Wolf is a pop style singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He has been writing and performing his music since high school, and has had professional success in the past year. His debut album “The Hunt” marks the beginning of his professional career as an artist, and began his first west coast tour of the album.

Zach Wolf
Zach Wolf

Zach has recently released the single “Love”, which he describes as a song “written out of a pretty bitter place. I had fallen in love, but with someone that I didn’t truly know yet. It turned from what seemed like a perfect romance to one where I was being taken advantage of emotionally. This resulted in me clinging to the physical side of the relationship to just feel some sense of security. This never goes well. In the end, it was Love greater than what I thought was love that pulled me out.” 

Zach Wolf lets us have a glimpse of his heart and his soul through his words and the emotion in his voice, as he laments, “All we knew was love, but Love tore us apart.” Perhaps what’s makes this a great track, is its superbly distinct quality. Zach’s vocal range and overall tone is enthralling, in a song that crosses pop, soul, R&B, and electronic musings.

Understated, minimal and moody on this track, Zach shows he has a great voice, and is musically tenanted. However, there are many wonderful singers, so what makes him different? Emotion! He does it effortless and perfectly. This is something that cannot be trained or learned.

And while the song is quite straight forward, and Zach is not afraid of high notes – having an ample vocal range in the higher register – he sings it simply without many surplus decoration notes. This way, the message and meaning hits home abundantly. To me, often simplicity can be pure beauty, and “Love” embodies that essential expression perfectly.

With the evidence of this hotly anticipated single, and the release of his prior works, such as “Fire”, it is evident that Zach Wolf writes superlatively good songs, and probably sings them even better. In the digital age of the electronic, urban troubadour, Zach Wolf figures high up, near the top of that list.

Still in the very midst of his career one can only wonder what treasures are yet to come! Highly recommended!!


Also check out the “Fire” Video below

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