My Sweet Satellite: “Balance” – a musically varied and strikingly bold album!

My Sweet Satellite is an electronic indie rock band from Ukraine. Established three years ago, the band spent most of their time on studio work, but now, with the recent release of their debut album “Balance”, they are  about to launch their live appearances. Just as it takes a while to make new shoes feel comfortable, the complex music of My Sweet Satellite does not offer up all its delights all at once.

The album cover
The album cover

I’ve listened to this 11 track album from start to finish about 6 times now over 3 days. If I had rated it the first day, I would have given it 3 stars. Yesterday I would have given it 4-stars. Today 5 stars may not be enough.  There’s honestly no way not to love this album. It’s got simply everything that a modern alternative, electronic rock album needs.

Another enjoyable thing about My Sweet Satellite is their ability to craft a flawlessly cohesive album. I can find meaning and cause for every song here. They all contribute to the flow and the expression of ideas and emotion.

“Balance” manages to delve deep into its themes while taking us on a roller-coaster ride of sound that ultimately demonstrates My Sweet Satellite’s range as a contemporary electronic rock band. The result is a musically varied and strikingly bold album.

The album starts out strong with “Wake You Up (Intro)” which may be my favorite song here, though there are a few others that decidedly captured my attention. “Keep Me Away From You” has a solid beat and the change-ups keep the song from getting stale.

The lyrics are excellent too. The slow soul-stirring ballad “Let’s Stay Here” is another one of my favorites. The song only gets stronger as it progresses, while always maintaining its tempo and mood, which was what made it so catchy for me.

My Sweet Satellite
My Sweet Satellite

Next, both “One Man War” and “Innocent Comedown” elaborate, in their own ways, the gamut this album will run in terms of rhythm and melody. I find myself looking forward to these first six songs more than any others, simply because they are each so unique while still functioning side-by-side.

The next few songs are just as memorable, as they serve to drive the ‘plot’ of the album through its ‘second act’. Noteworthy here is the unique beat in “To Walk Along” which keeps listeners on their toes, but of course, the music is stunning, yet approachable, throughout, and you will be hard pressed to find two back to back songs like “Rainwalk” and “Tomorrow” on any other album.

The lead singer’s vocal range is incredible and beautiful to listen to on these songs. Whilst many rock and alternative rock bands continue to reminisce over the century that was, My Sweet Satellite tries hard to push their music into the 21st century.

Overall, this is an amazing album. The combination of vocals, lyrics, dynamic musical tones and pure energy is heavenly and the result is a collection of interesting and powerful songs. “Balance” should send a shiver down your spine and inspire you to action.


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