Magma Brothers: “Darth Side” – fuses an impossibly infectious groove!

Magma Brothers is an electronic music duo consisting of Felix Guerra Jr. (FLIXXER) and Xavier Garrido (Shakezilla). They are both from Rio Grande City, Texas and are a multi-genre producing group and DJ’s that are open minded to all types of music. Magma Brothers is setting out to make a huge impact on the EDM scene in 2016.

Packed with a grimy bass-line, an unparalleled percussion infused groove and a gorgeous synth top-line melody, the track “Darth Side” is a well-produced and cohesive project that provides an enjoyable listening experience from inception to close.

Magma-Bros-CoverThis Magma Brothers have infused an impossibly infectious groove into the track which fans will submerge themselves into with pleasure. Their skill as creators and curators of music is both refreshing and innovative.

It shows not only a funky, authentic peep into a now unearthed sub-culture but it also shows an artist’s maturity and insight into what the future holds. The ever incendiary Magma Brothers is instinctively changing the course of their music and we’re ready to follow, waving our flags high.

If you love electronic uplifting dance music this is your artist. The Magma Brothers takes dance music to another level not the same old level you may be used to either. These future house sounds deliver fans a taste of their artistry with this single, and sets the bar high for future releases.

Constructing a blazing percussion arrangement to get feet shuffling on the dance floor, FLIXXER & Shakezilla implement a slick synth rhythm and an electrifying future house drop to reinforce the mysterious keyboard melody and sound effects at the front of the track.

Breaking onto the 2016 scene in a big way with “Darth Side”, we can only expect bigger things from Magma Brothers as the year continues. They have been on the upward prowl for just on a year now, carefully crafting their signature sound that falls somewhere between future and groove-saturated house, with a couple of other EDM influences included along the way!


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