“Thirst For You” – Isobella Caroline Boucher & Jake Anderrson

“Venus in Chains 100” is an explosive avant-garde music project with a visionary outlook meant to surpass limits and create a chain of musical visual works of art, each representing love, beauty and freedom – especially in the wake of this year’s brutal and devastating events. “Venus in Chains 100” is a way of representing love, unity, peace, hope, compassion and understanding, to all and for all. The project features artist from all over the world bringing a myriad of styles and genres.

Forming part of this eclectic collective, is the founder and creator of Venus in Chains 100, Isobella Caroline Boucher, who together with songwriter Jake Anderrson delivers the track “Thirst For You”, among others. Artists who are worth their salt must grow. By that measure, Isobella is worth a lot of salt.

Isobella Caroline Boucher
Isobella Caroline Boucher

She has yet to disappoint me in that she refuses to stand still artistically. Yes, there is a definitive quirky Isobella-ness about the music, but I don’t think she makes the mistake of making the same music over and over again. The track is an adventurous mixture of triphop, keyboard arrangements, curious electronics, and calm shoegaze ambience.

Strings and electronic pulses sweep this song along and Isobella Caroline Boucher’s deliberately processed vocals are extremely mesmerizing and commanding, leading the song into a whirling concoction of chaotic layering and classic piano bits. Granted, Isobella’s music is not for the closed minded or musically timid, but “Thirst For You” is actually very accessible in parts.

If Isobella Caroline Boucher’s is a new discovery for you, accept that it will take time to adapt to her style.  Avoiding her music because it doesn’t conform to society’s standards and expectations is probably the wrong road to take, and will not help grow your appreciation for music outside of the mainstream radar.

Together with songwriter Jake Anderrson they make quite a remarkable collaboration. Sometimes music is not just about how many cute notes you can play or sing in a row. Sometimes it is about the emotion, conviction and innovation it brings. Oftentimes these qualities come in packages and arrangements that surpass our usual perceptions of what the structure of a modern popular song should sound like.

This is the case with “Thirst For You”, yet it doesn’t stray too far from conventional music, probably making it one of Isobella Caroline Boucher’s more accessible songs. In fact for the uninitiated this is a very good place to start before uncovering the rest of her catalog, and then affronting the immense collection of “Venus in Chains 100”. Isobella Caroline Boucher and Jake Anderrson are essential names for the enthusiasts of serious contemporary music who need some fill-ins on the musical evolution taking place beyond the radio waves.


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