Tune Tank: “Invasion of a skyline” hits you from the first listen!

Tune Tank is a three piece Swedish rock band. After playing in various bands all their life, the three brothers came together in 2015 and formed Tune Tank“Invasion of a skyline” is the first full length album from the band, releasing September 2nd. The many musical influences are laid bare for all to see yet this album comes out feeling iconic and refreshing.

It has immediate pull and accessibility while having a depth that warrants countless listens. The incredible mixing creates a big, open sound that makes the album great played through big speakers and headphones alike.

tune-tank-250Interestingly “Invasion of a skyline” is also one of those albums that just hits you from the first listen and it makes complete sense. Take for example the stunning opener “Innocent Man” full of huge flowing guitar lines and a propulsive drive that makes you want to listen to it over and over as the lead singer intones, “We gather round the fire, the heat has filled the room, and I whisper the wish for you.”

The upbeat and melodic second track “Insane” completes the superb double whammy at the start of this album.These highlights are matched at various points in the recording not least the with the thumping driving rock of the splendid “The Beauty In The Beast” an anthem that evidences the piano lines and layered harmonies.

Tune Tank is made for the American freeway with a level volume required for the songs to be heard in at least five neighboring states. There is plenty of guitars, both electric and acoustic, as well as an abundance of melodies and harmonies. Tracks like “Mindtrap” and “California Let Down” could do well with a flick of the volume knob.  It is very melodic and if you love beautiful blending of instruments and sounds you will be very pleased indeed.

“Invasion of a skyline” shows that the beating heart of classic and alternative rock music is very much alive and full of vitality. In a short period of time this record with its swirling guitar lines, formidable piano back drops and harmonies sound like one of the main contenders for 2016 accolades, but more than that its one you are going to need to seek out with undue haste.

tune-tank-350The Tune Tank’s musical trick is keeping the foundations of their song simple, so that there’s plenty of breathing room for flourishes, be they lyrical or instrumental. There might be a vocal hook here, a piano twinkle there, a crystallized bass drone that fades away as quickly as it crept in. “Sometimes I Do” and “The Visitor” takes this assembly-line thesis to heart.

A clatter of cymbals, then some hazy guitars and sharp keyboard sounds, a few seconds pass and things morph together perfectly. The music is sprawling and powerful enough to speak for itself as the shimmering arrangements and every nuance in between comes through exceptionally well with headphones on.

And while much of its brilliance lies in the music and the vocal harmonies, the lyrics catch you by surprise too. This type of music should be prescribed to certain people as it is that effective. You should just take a few deep breaths, kickback, enjoy your beverage and let your thoughts simply reformulate while Tune Tank kicks in. Sublime!


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