Amir Higher: “I Am Ready” – fun, uplifting and hopeful!

Amir Higher has just released his debut single, entitled “I Am Ready”. And boy is he ready! Born in Jerusalem, Amir Higher has a B.A and MsC in material science and physics, and M.A in material science.  He took his first piano lesson at the age of 5 and has never stopped playing since then.

Amir Higher
Amir Higher

Inspired by MTV, Amir composed his very first song at the age of 10.  He also joined a professional dance group and performed worldwide. Five years later however, he quit in order to focus on music.

I’m not sure today’s music is as reliably catchy as it was – in fact it’s easy to think the songwriting ground has been well and truly raked over – but then along comes Amir Higher – and when he sings you should listen up. Amir has such an individualistic talent: for writing great pop tunes with an anthemic feel; clever, quirky and at times nostalgic lyrics, sharp production with strong piano overtones.

This debut Pop/EDM crossover offering doesn’t disappoint. If you’re searching for something hummable, singable and danceable, or even the other way around, Amir covers all the bases. “I Am Ready” whips up the aspirations and joy of an artist ready to reach for the proverbial stars.

He is rejoicing in the ecstasy of actually doing what he set out to do as a young boy – and that is perform his music to the world. All of this is clearly depicted in the smart accompanying video clip of the song too.

amin-higher-bannerIn a world of non-music today, when an occasional talent gives us a new track – a great voice, a strong melody, and a good beat — what more could you ask for? Slick and smooth, this electronic pop-orientated song, is loaded with catchy hooks and choruses, which goes along perfectly with Amin’s ability to communicate a sense of genuine feeling.

Featuring talented fellow artist EVS, “I Am Ready” is fun, it’s uplifting and it’s hopeful.  Amir Higher has grown up since he first caressed the piano, and so has his music, and that’s a huge plus for all of us. You can dance your shoes off or just listen to it and dream!


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