James “Trakz” Wade: “Lotus” – a level above anything else out right now!

James “Trakz” Wade is a Contemporary R&B singer, songwriter and producer born in Roanoke, VA.  In 2014 the Virginia Native made history in Roanoke by being the first Urban R&B artist to perform on the WSLS Channel 10 news program, which had predominantly focused on Country/Bluegrass/Folk, Gospel and Rock acts. He made history again in 2016 by being the first Independent Artist to impact Urban AC/Urban and Rhythmic Radio with an unknown record – “You Are The One”.

James "Trakz" Wade
James “Trakz” Wade

James plays 9 instruments, including: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Organ, Harmonica, Accordion, Violin and Harp. In addition to playing the instruments and singing back-up on his own songs, he also engineers his own studio sessions. James “Trakz” Wade, who has written and produced music for a variety of artists across diverse genres and styles, is truly a multi-talented, one-man-does-it-all musical fortress.

James has just released his second single, “Lotus”, the follow up to “You Are The One”, which comfortably sat alongside the likes of Tyrese, Janet Jackson and Maxwell on the Billboard Charts.

I danced around my apartment and sporadically stared at my stereo thinking, my God, this dude is brilliant. And keep in mind, I had never heard of James “Trakz” Wade before this song. I mean, “Lotus” will rock your world. The track is the classic concept of detailing ‘a confident man pursuing an extraordinarily beautiful woman.’ But when it’s done this good, the song sets itself apart from the rest.

James "Trakz" Wade
James “Trakz” Wade

It’s very easy to instantly compare James to a whole host of popular R&B singers from the past or currently riding the airwaves, but the great thing about him is that he has found his own groove, his own voice. There is a seductive cadence in his rhythm and delicious instrumental accompaniments that is unique to him.

His smooth soulful voice, daringly spicy lyrics, and smoky melodic tracks can literally captivate the listener. And that’s what he does on “Lotus”. James “Trakz” Wade is not just another artist who is going to find what works, and then drive it into the ground until we’re sick of hearing it. He’s all about creativity and making the listener think, besides feel the emotion in his songs.

There aren’t enough complete artists in today’s R&B, Hiphop or Urban music scene – where someone else writes the music, someone else lays down the tracks, someone else arranges the music, someone else produces the song, and then the so-called artist steps in and raps or sings pure irrelevance over the top.

This Trap-styled track is extremely tight, a level above anything else out right now. It creates an atmosphere that draws you in and never let’s go. And it is written, performed and produced by the vision of one artist – James “Trakz” Wade. In a couple of months, the year will soon be drawing to a close, and there’s no question that “Lotus” is a front-runner among the best underground Trap-Soul songs of the year!


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