SquareSyntax: “Yak The Magic Dragon” and Live US Tour!

SquareSyntax is an electronic rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that takes elements from multiple genres to tastefully craft a unique experience for the listener. Since 2010, SquareSyntax has been working hard to perfect their vision of new age electronic rock, spanning across multiple albums, events, festivals and collaborations. The group is made up of Mike Wiley – Vocals, synthesizer (Moog Sub Phatty), guitar, bass, studio production, Chris Black – Guitar, synth, Ajoke Farrell – Keyboard and Josh Baegly – Drums.

squaresyntax-350Mike has been out touring the US DIY since August. He booked up an entire tour by his self a month before hitting the road and has been going from city to city ever since, documenting his solo tour through middle US and the west coast. He plans to make it back to Cincinnati in time for the tour finale show with the full band by October 28th.

In the meantime SquareSyntax has also released its 17 track album, “Yak The Magic Dragon”. They are a complex group, progressive and almost avant-garde in their approach towards their craft. Every one of their songs is filled with sublime artistry. The overdubs, the multi-layering, the vocal prowess, the electronics, the technique, the smart arrangements, all meet pure Rock n’ Roll. Music is certainly in the ear of the listener so telling someone you will like music is like telling someone you will like a certain food because everyone else says so.

But SquareSyntax simply breaks that rule, by applying another.  Everyone may not like their music, but everyone will be coerced into appreciating it for its intrinsic artistic and performance values. Similar to a Rolls Royce, we may not like it’s color, style or design, but it is really hard to deny that the Rolls is one of the best built cars on the road. But I think you get the idea already!

squaresyntax-300“Yak The Magic Dragon” is real artistry, from track one. As it soon becomes clear that SquareSyntax don’t just write melodies and rhythm, they right stories, emotions, and passion with their music. Their songs are deep and filled with amazing elements – be it riffs, sounds or effects.

And when you hit track two, “Goons in the Garden”, you realize you may as well unite another element to the band’s skills – groove! A little theatrical and a little melodramatic, but thoroughly powerful, “Waste of Time” has a crunchy synth sound that will grind your nuts into buttermilk.

But this album is not static in anyway, and SquareSyntax will show you how their style grows and is flexible from track to track. From the dark and macabre “Cult of Vanity” to the insistent guitar riff and bass pump of “Hunted”, your ears will be nailed to the wall.

And if you swing the volume dial too high on “Vile Corruption”, you won’t even have a wall left to pin your ears to either. Music in itself is not just audio, but the memories that we attach to it, is subconsciously and unconsciously that what makes it unique. Listen and attach whatever you want to “Reflection of Sunbeams on Wet Skin” for a surreal experience.

“Hold On” and “Dream Child” is the kind of music you can sink your teeth into – Intense vocals, great guitar, superb synths and excellent music structure. This album contains multilayered music paired with surprise twists and intelligent, superb lyrics that make it a must have for the enlightened music listener. Let go of your preconceived notions taken from radio and progress to the next level of music enjoyment with SquareSyntax.


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