taleyo Life Music: “Relax” soothes your soul and elevates your spirit

taleyo Life Music is about enhancing your life experiences. The taleyo Life project consists of three areas, the apps, the books and the music. The book publishes humorous guides and advice on various aspects of life. The apps focus on the benefits of fun for the user, while the music released through taleyo Life concentrates on the elements that promote relaxation, joy and the love of living. At the beginning of September taleyo Life Music released the 8 track, easy listening album, entitled “Relax”.

This music is the ultimate in relaxation. Pure and emotionally provoking music that leaves you soothed and relaxed, and where the piano is the focus. Beautiful and even heart-touching in places, like on “Let It Go” and “Silence”, this is music where the track title gives you a fairly good idea of the song’s general mood.

taleyo-life-coverMoreover, I feel this album goes beyond relaxation music. It not only soothes your soul; it also elevates your spirit and enhances your physical well-being, especially with the tracks “Good Emotion” and “Relax”. When you’re finished listening to these two tracks, you’ll feel fully charged and ready for anything.

Even your eyesight will get sharpened after listening to “Quietness”. You’ll look out towards your garden and see luscious greens, radiating reds, and vibrating yellows that you somehow usually miss. And after “Recreation”, even your neighbors will look more beautiful and happier than ever.

The tenderness, the emotion, the gentleness, the passion, the caring and the beauty; it is all there in “Sleep” and “Tranquil”. The composer stripped away almost all the bells and whistles of modern music, focusing in on the warmth and comfort of the piano keys.

The result is an instrumental album that does not have a big, epic feel, but it is rather beautiful, intimate and even soaringly romantic, if you will. It does a great job of reaching into the heart and soul, using simple and soothing melodies. Sometimes less is more, far more.

And in this case, the grand orchestral passages and epic feel of other instrumental albums are not missed, because under this artist’s gentle passionate fingers and his masterful touch, the piano literally sings. “Relax”, is a simple, gentle and serene album. Give it a listen.

Your heart might sing along too as it hears and feels the soothing inspiration, gentle passion and, yes, mellow relaxation in this work. Summed up – this album in is a beautiful spiral of enchanting melodies that take you to your inner soul, invoking inner peace. A joy to listen to under any circumstances, or even doing anything else.


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