Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “All That I Need” – all about the groove and textures!

Right now these guys are just about as good as rock n’ roll entertainment gets. Paul Barrere and Roger Cole continually and undeniably amped up their performances, sound, and entertainment levels in perfect harmony for the benefit of the ear and audience.

Their latest track “All That I Need” sounds like it reflects the product of a true combination of hard work and fun that carries an actual ‘ old but new and improved’ Paul Barrere and Roger Cole through 2016 with a rock n’ roll sound that will have you feeling good, dancing around, and singing this song for many years to come.

Notwithstanding that this is classified as an alternative rock track, “All That I Need” give us this sort of psychedelic, blues-type, funky toe tapping roadhouse sound that will grab you and make you move with the music. Kudos for the excellent vocal harmonizing as Paul Barrere gives an excellent vocal texture, quality and emotion that fit exactly to bring everything together with understood authenticity.

paul-barrere-and-roger-cole-atin-350The master of all trades, Roger Cole, provides his usual dose of the highest quality of musicianship for our pleasure, including some tasteful organ lines, that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Steve Winwood record.

“All That I Need” has a great tempo, great rhythm, and what I love about Paul Barrere & Roger Cole the most: the guitars. For those who love blues, rock, and guitar, you couldn’t hope for a better track. Not that the boys have included any transcendental guitar riffs or pyrotechnical solos: it’s all about the groove and textures.

However if you had to ask me for only one reason to purchase this track, it would be for the organ – Simply because this is an instrument that has almost completely lost its rightful place in modern music, to the multitasking capabilities of the synthesizer.

My personal opinion is that the synth is a mind-impacting instrument, while the sounds of the organ go straight for the gut. In sexual terms I would perceive the synth as an instrument conducive to masturbating, while the organ represents full-on coitus for any real musician, especially if it’s with a Hammond.

Not sure what Roger Cole was playing here, but his organ certainly does its thing on this track. And I’m grateful for hearing that sound again.

The key as usual, to all the good music that Paul Barrere & Roger Cole put out, regardless of the genre or sub-genre they’re dealing with, is that they always sound like they’re playing the music that they’re most passionate about. And “All That I Need” is no exception to the rule.

Moreover, if you’re wondering how their brand of rock sounds as authentic as some of those legendary rock n’ roll bands from a few years back –  the answer is simple, they actually are those guys!



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