SantanaBeats: “Empire” – an adventurous up and coming beatsmith!

East Coast Music Producer, SantanaBeats is a young mastermind in the field music production and audio engineering. He designs urban soundscapes that artists like Drake, Rick Ross, Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky would best complement. SantanaBeats pulls off production tricks that make him sound like a magician. And he stays behind the curtain, leaving plenty of room for the narrator to fill the mix, which is the key to being a go-to Producer today.


So, what makes SantanaBeats one of hip-hop’s producers to keep your eye on? Three things. One: His ear. SantanaBeats understands the little things that imbue a particular sound or song with supreme quality. Two: His production style allows him to work with plenty or less.

In the sense that he can ply the layers on if he needs to, or he can keep things fairly minimal as can be heard on “Empire”. Here SantanaBeats showcases his way of stripping everything down to the basic elements: a synth, a piano and a thick bass line backed by hard-thumping drums, and makes it sound like a hurricane hit your stereo.

Three: The most distinct quality that puts SantanaBeats in the higher echelons of hip-hop production is his perfectionism. It is something you can perceive through the music on “Empire” which sounds painstakingly and meticulously crafted. In contemporary hip-hop, many tracks can seem overproduced, sacrificing the rawness and making it hard to truly feel the beat.

SantanaBeats Logo
SantanaBeats Logo

But this doesn’t happen to tracks produced by SantanaBeats, as manages to keep a balance between a raw vibe and refined sound. He achieves it here on “Empire”, but if you run through his catalog it is full of beats that bump through your soul rather than only in one ear and out the other.

Throughout the tracks he flexes his production muscles, working with different templates, speeds and moods. Some tracks are cinematic in scope and hypnotic in their enchanting rhythms, providing mood-altering explorations into the sonic textures that move from Coast to Coast.

As one of the East Coast’s most adventurous up and coming beatsmiths, SantanaBeats’ catalog is ever-changing, ever-morphing, and ever-different. And at a time when hip-hop in many ways has made a mockery of itself, and when its premier Producers are neither creative nor prolific, SantanaBeats has delivered “Empire”, and a whole catalog of varied beats that are both progressive and street-level at the same time.


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