Nick Cosic: “Interface” – ever changing journeys with unexpected oddness!

Nick Cosic brilliantly creates atmospheres of sound filled with stretchy ambient synth textures, electro-fusion elements, and eclectic percussive rhythms, all running together to form an imaginary world thriving with things that you may dream of in you weirdest and deepest thoughts. Most songs are ever changing journeys with unexpected oddness punctuating the familiar sounds. This is perfect music for losing yourself in as you travel to distant realms of sound that are soothing, invigorating, surprising, lush, even disturbing, and uniquely creative and experimental.

nick-cosic-modularsetupThe mix on Nick Cosic’s latest EP, “Interface” is often unusual, sometimes the percussion is more subdued and at others some strange sounds will have more presence than the leading synths. At first listen, this could be a bit off-putting, if you are used to music that directs your ear towards what you are supposed to be listening to, at any given time and at ‘pre-established’ volumes.

The mix on this EP doesn’t do that. It doesn’t hold your hand and raise the volume on a particular lead part you are supposed to be concentrating on. Instead your mind is free to roam where it will in the experimental soundscapes that are created.

The more I listen, the more I appreciate this approach. I’m not sure if this is a consciously intended effect of the music, but I think of it as creating places where music lives and you are free to explore, rather than creating songs where you know what your focus is supposed to be on at any given time. It was challenging at first, but quickly became refreshing and rewarding.

nick-cosic-350Nick Cosic is charting new territory with classic tools. He describes his journey thus far as “20 years of vintage gear and modular synth love.” One of the fantastic things about this EP is how each track morphs into something quite different than the beginning. Cosic gets you comfortable with incredible soundscapes, and then twists and transforms them into something completely different.

Sometimes he’ll come back to base and at other times he’ll continue to sonically explore until the end. Nick Cosic demonstrates that no matter how diverse your musical influences are, that with careful thought, these influences can be melded together to create an entirely unique genre.

I don’t think that this EP is intended for listeners with narrow tastes or a closed mind, but tracks such as “Fools”, “Elections”, “Reject” and “Vhs”  are fairly accessible to all, as they have easily recognizable melody lines and almost straight rhythms.

nick-cosic-cover“Phonogene Extra” is more challenging rhythmically, as is “Interface”. “Fort Walker” on the other hand, is percussion-free, and relies on its rich spacey tones and textures to hold your attention. Having said that, this EP will appeal to not only electronic music fans, but also to those who are sick of the pabulum that’s being shoved down our throats by major-labels and radio stations, all who have the freshness and originality of a leftover hamburger.

“Interface” sounds exactly like you would imagine from a creative mind. It is a soundscape of many elements meeting each other, at times seemingly in contrast with one another, but after a couple of listens the attentive ear will notice that the sounds and rhythms which seemingly contrast each other are actually a part of Nick Cosic’s great scheme of things.

Autechre and even the Aphex Twin sometimes come to mind when hearing these compositions. And once you understand the creativity, lushness and liveliness of it all. The arrangements will start to breathe with life and affect you.


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