SaeMonae: “Dreams” an uncompromising theme of self-esteem!

Hailing from Seattle, WA, SaeMonae is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist whose socially conscious lyrical style is a big part of her “raptivist” attitude, as she deals with deep personal and social issues within her songs. SaeMonae’s latest effort, the single “Dreams”, off of the mixtape Dirty Politikkks, materializes at just the right time to give Hip-hop some renewed substance and notability.

SaeMonae is one today’s most unique female rappers. Left of center, she is paving her own pathway. Like many of us, she understands being trapped in a world of full of corruption and discrimination that is chock full of vices, sins and demons determined to hold you back from achieving what you deserve.

saemonae-coverHere SaeMonae details her thoughts and interpretations on believing in your “Dreams”, looking beyond your own limits or the obstacles people will try and put before you from the outset of your life. And she lays it down clearly from the first verse: “You can do anything you put your mind to / That’s what I was told when I was at the school house / Little did I know / They’d be the ones tearing me down”.

Her rhymes are agile and well-conceived, eliminating need for a sung hook. Her chorus is clean-cut and straight to the point: “I got a dollar / I got a dream / Forget your 9 to 5 / You can keep your job / I got a dollar / I got a dream / I’m living life / But it ain’t what it seems”.

Over a crunchy, thumping, and organic sounding beat produced by Beatsoffreen, SaeMonae admonishes anyone attempting to block her individuality or progress as a person and as an artist. Her vocal inflections and determinedly energetic flow help to make this track a shining contribution to the genre. The engineering by Caymen “Caydolf” DePriest, totally brings the whole concept home.

All throughout the track SaeMonae remains relevant and uncompromising, piloting her theme of personal self-esteem and professional aspiration: “Ima take the little here / And turn it into something / Rather than sit on my behind / And do nothing”. But the best is yet to come when she drops the brilliant line: “Speak things into existence / I won’t ask I demand a better living”.

“Dreams” really tells a story of rising above you peers, regardless of how much they try and keep you down. Flawless from top to bottom, both musically and lyrically, I get the feeling that SaeMonae will leave a more than perceptible footprint in Hip-hop if she continues along this same pathway that she is beating for herself.

She walks the road between mass appeal and artistry with an ease that evidences her genius.


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