Tzili Yanko: “How Nice” hits the heart of the listener

Tzili Yanko is an indie singer-songwriter from Israel. After two Hebrew albums, she’s about to release a new international EP, which includes six songs, all written and composed by Tzili. “How Nice” is the second single release from the upcoming EP which will be launched on Oct 31 at the ‘Tmuna Theater’ in Tel-Aviv.

The video clip for the song was created by Amnon Hass and Tzili Yanko. “I wrote this song to remind myself not to look back with regret,” says Tzili. “It was written at a time of intense self-reflection that allowed me to make peace with my past mistakes and embrace the fact that this past makes me the person I am today.”

Some records catch magic like lightning in a bottle. There is a mood, a vibe to the track that goes beyond simply musicians gathering in a studio to record a song. What makes this song so special? Well firstly the introspective storyline which Tzili describes above.

Tzili Yanko
Tzili Yanko

Self-reflection not only makes us understand ourselves better, but it helps us see other people in a different light. It’s a theme that connects with almost anybody who cares about somebody. Moreover the song lacks all the phony angst and forced lyricism that many of Tzili contemporaries have fallen victim to.

Add that to the fact that Tzili Yanko writes songs with fabulous, easy flowing hooks that are eminently singable, and delivered with melodic, power-filled and soulful vocals which hit the heart of the listener. Tzili’s sweet voice is perfectly twisted around the guitar and the keyboard, while the rhythms dance to and fro. She epitomizes what I love in music – emotion.

Not the overwhelming melodramatic kind of emotion, but rather the understated and poignantly communicated kind, where a single word, phrase or nuance finds its mark. As it does in the following lines: “How nice, time flies, making me wise / No regrets for my mistakes / They were only leading me ahead”.

Tzili Yanko is really an excellent musician, one who can write her own music, play her own instrument, and deliver marvelous vocals. She also brings together a rich pastiche of influences which gives her music a familiar flavor.

For anyone who’s ever gone through times when it just seemed too difficult to go on, because of all the mistakes made in life and love, Tzili Yanko is talking to you. “How Nice” is an inspiring song and truly a labor of love.


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