VIPER: “Set Me Free” is a blistering Dubstep single!

“Set Me Free” the single off of the new album “Inhuman Resources” by VIPER sounds like musical genius. It’s very enveloping, embracing uplifted and evolutionary. The Dubstep beat, flavored with sweeping orchestral elements is marvelous and fresh. Its many complexities delight, while its few simplicities edify.  From a personal perspective, this infectious tune is one I tip to blow the roof off most raves or dubstep arenas in the coming months!

viper-350VIPER seems to be making a statement with this track: appearing eager to demonstrate his creative variability and not be pigeon-holed as a single-genre producer. He has expressed himself in several different lights artistically throughout his works, something he repeats here with strong classical elements, and in my opinion this exploration of styles can only benefit VIPER in the future as he continues to inject momentum into his music for his thousands of bass-head EDM raving followers.

All may be fair in love and Dubstep, but VIPER comes with guns blazing on “Set Me Free”, showcasing enough devastating rumble to put earthquakes to shame. He borrows elements from many different styles and artists, but uses them in a way that makes his sound entirely different, with its own bassy, energetic entity.

There can be no doubt that he is one of the better dubstep artists to drop in the last few years.  This track takes a monstrous approach to the beat and transforms it into a heavy-hitting Dupstep soundscape. Besides the classical string elements, the standard growling basslines and the screaming synths, VIPER includes a set familiar vocal samples, which I‘ll leave you to guess.

“Set Me Free”, is a blistering Dubstep single, featuring all the hallmarks you’ve  come to expect from the genre, with mind warping sound design and screeching basslines. The new single kicks off with an ominous chord progression accompanied by cinematic strings and percussion, creating a galactic atmosphere.

The track then explodes into wild fan-pleasing drops with raucous metallic synths and monstrous growls layered between punchy drum hits and vocal samples. How could you possibly miss this?

The “Inhuman Resources” album, which contains the “Set Me Free” single, follows VIPER’S previous EP “Democracy Inc.” which charted at #5 in the Glitchhop Beatport album charts.


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