Haidy Mousa: “No’ta W men Awel El Satr” ascends above music trends, genres and styles!

I love music. It is the soundtrack of our memories and lately I have been discouraged with the same old stale R&B stuff that has been coming along in...

I love music. It is the soundtrack of our memories and lately I have been discouraged with the same old stale R&B stuff that has been coming along in recent times. Luckily, the other day I came across Haidy Mousa, an Egyptian songstress from El Mansoura. Haidy has just released her single entitled “No’ta W men Awel El Satr”, which can be heard on YouTube, where the video clip has already garnered well over 1 million views. This is an extremely positive indication of the public reception both the artist and song has had, considering the song is in Arabic.

But then again we have known for centuries that music is a universal language and hardly needs any translating to affect and capture audience attention. And when an artist has a voice as gorgeous and expressive as that of Haidy Mousa, it truly transcends all would-be obstacles.

Haidy Mousa

Haidy Mousa

Apart from the usual Spanish language songs, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had the opportunity to listen to something Middle Eastern that compelled me to write a review. That is until now. Rarely does a singer come along whose talent manages to ascend above music trends, genres, subgenres and styles.

Haidy Mousa is a once in a lifetime artist. There are so many female vocalists, but her voice stands above the rest. Sure, there’ll be plenty of comparisons to other artists, but Haidy’s tonality in her vocals simply gives you the chills.

You will adore the heartfelt love ballad that is “No’ta W men Awel El Satr”, even if you do not understand the Arabic lyrics. Simply because Haidy Mousa’s voice will walk you through the emotional journey of the song – note by note.

From verse to chorus, her elegantly soulful singing accompanies the exotic musical arrangement though a rollercoaster ride of afflicting emotions. From a saddened whisper to a soaring plea, Haidy’s thoroughly tuned pitch and smooth phrasing comes to the fore. Her crystalline voice will create colorful pictures in your mind and deep feelings in your soul.

Haidy Mousa

Haidy Mousa

Haidy Mousa definitely sounds like someone who knows who she is and where she is going. My feeling is she was born to do this. She has a strong, resilient, articulate voice with a sound that is as smooth as regular R&B or pop-influenced soul, but totally fresh to western ears, and I think listeners will totally love that.

Music fans will also enjoy how she plays with notes and verses in typical Middle Eastern fashion, and makes them her own without strictly conforming to one type of structured trend or genre. Gifted in more than one way Haidy Mousa delivers her skills and vocal ability on “No’ta W men Awel El Satr”. This is a great investment for those looking for new music.

Her voice is smooth and sultry, as she sings with a rare combination of vulnerability and emotion which can make you feel whatever she’s singing, because her style is so unique among today’s mainstream artists.

And then to cap all of her talents Haidy Mousa holds one more God-given trump card that is hard to deny – she is stunningly and naturally beautiful to match! This combination of talent and beauty makes a powerful package for any market – no matter what language you sing in!


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  • lina
    6 October 2016 at 2:15 pm
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    she is a star
    unique voice
    thanks for ur support

  • Htm salem
    6 October 2016 at 8:38 pm
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    Wow thanks for this article you 100% right she is our gorgeous & amazing singer she a great voice , amazing character & adorable she is simply beautiful ,if you hear her once you will adore her ,proud to be Egyptian & proud to be a fan oh haidy

  • Htm salem
    6 October 2016 at 8:41 pm
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    She is simply beautiful adorable amazing voice & character love her

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