A Choir of Ghosts: “Ester” – cinematic storytelling and a mellifluous soundscape

Do you like chamber pop? The kind of pop music that is intimate, full of careful touches, organic sounding, and perfectly crafted? The kind that some may call lo-fi, alternative folk or alternative pop? Well, then this is the record for you. This recording is a constant pleasure, offering the sort of tunefully creative vibe that combines some of the emotionalism of Belle and Sebastian with the whimsy of Bon Iver and the croon of Iron & Wine.

a-choir-of-ghosts-profileOk, so that might be a hard thing to imagine, but pop this track in, and you’ll see what I mean. A gentle melody sung with verve, melancholy, unforced sweetness and a fresh production. A Choir of Ghosts has an upfront sort of innocence about his singing, even when he sings of heartbreak or regret, and although his production is multi-layered, it doesn’t take a genius to follow his beautiful tunes.

If you’ve never listened to A Choir of Ghosts before, then the single “Ester”, which is set for release on the 26th of October, is going to be a real treat. A Choir of Ghosts combines a gorgeous melody with thought-provoking lyrics that are not too cryptic and easily relatable.

This Swedish artist’s unique approach to music is like a breath of fresh air.  His musical arrangements are heart-expanding. His voice is soul soothing – subtle one minute, then complex, simple, and then profound.

This song combines all of the elements that make A Choir of Ghosts‘ music so special: songwriting prowess, compositional muscle and cinematic storytelling through easy on the ear, mellifluous soundscapes.

A Choir of Ghosts constantly impresses with his genius imagination, the incorporation of his influences into a synthesis that is something new. Jangly acoustic guitars, gentle choral touches, that wonderful string accompaniment, and his heart on his sleeve lyrics that feel so personal at times.

Not so much like he is confessing to you, but it feels very intimate, like he is playing for a few friends, of which you are one.

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