Rothenborg & Lopez: “The Vibe” – a personal story that turns into a universal theme!

How do you like the following introduction to the two-member Rothenborg & Lopez project called ‘The Calistockxchange’: “Girl from California. Guy from Stockholm. Two songwriters connect online. They find a vibe. He moved to California. Then she moved to Stockholm. Now they travel the world together. This is their journey.” And if you think that sounds oh-so-cool, wait until you hear their single, entitled … “The Vibe”.

rothenborg-lopez-350Rothenborg & Lopez is certainly a duo unique in themselves. Listening to their music is the aural equivalent of napping on the beach close to the water as it cycles among feelings of baking in the sun, to the gentle lapping of water against your toes, to the soft crashing of waves washing over.

For the most part it is peaceful, but every so often a gust of wind will blow past you so fast it’s gone before you realize it’s there. Lyrically Rothenborg & Lopez display a maturity that has unfortunately become a rare thing in modern music, and the musicianship is so solid it almost sounds effortless.

Some people may have a hard time considering music that has such poignant instrumentation and vocals such melodic delicacy – pop or rock; but the simple fact here is that this is a track where most of the power comes in the lyrics – which could stand alone as poetry, and in the subtle and clean acoustic driven instrumentation – which is nothing less than perfect.

rothenborg-lopez-logoI know that it is already hard to imagine a track so good through all of my flowery, fawning words, but – one listen straight through and you too will be sold. “The Vibe” is an out and out, impossible-not-to-dance, hand-in-hand-with-your-partner groove.

A breathy atmospheric gem, there is really nothing quite like it available anywhere from anyone – and as the band still shy away from mainstream acclaim they strengthen the unique nature of their sound which is already flawlessly produced. On “The Vibe”, Rothenborg & Lopez sound like a chilled-out blend, between John Mayer and Dave Matthews.

And much like those aforementioned artists, the high-water marks of the track comes in the form of harmony, musical arrangement, and lyrical imagination. “The Vibe” starts off as a personal story that eventually turns out to be a universal theme.

 Rothenborg & Lopez will make you feel like you’re in a dream, somewhere in the world, with someone you love, and which you’re quite happy to call home.


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