Toby Poynter: “The Comeback” carries an infectious rock spirit!

“The Comeback” is not a difficult listen. This is not a symphony, an opera, or some obscure composition. This is Rock and Roll. Swedish indie rock artist, Toby Poynter has put together a rollicking, hard rocking, melodic track. Music builds on itself, and right now people, don’t even understand that they are standing on the shoulders of the proverbial giants. People who are unable to give in to the joy, the abandon, the wild passion for real rock and roll that suffuses this single will be missing out, because Poynter has released a gem.

At this point, Toby Poynter must be wondering what it’s going to take to establish himself as a mainstream artist. He has been playing and writing music in some form, nearly all his life, and played in many bands along the way.

Toby released his first solo single, “A New Beginning”, earlier this year and now bounces back with a relentlessly accessible pop-rock song.  “The Comeback” is a potential radio hit, using familiar, catchy influences from the 80s and 90s chartbusters. It is these retro influences which gives the track its timeless, larger than life appeal.

toby-poynter-coverFor Toby Poynter “The Comeback” is a departure from the shackles of being in a band situation and gives him a chance to showcase his enormous talent and versatility.  This is even a departure from the previous song, “A New Beginning” which more a slow Alt-Americana vibe.

Toby pretty much broke loose and unleashed his rocker self here. The track is pretty much authentic, and there’s a sense urgency to it, which is infectious. Toby proves to be a smart songwriter, and he is making ambitious, bold music in an electronic dominated era, but with this track, he lets loose and delivers the kind of music he’s probably always been capable of.

It starts off with the electric guitar ever so delicately ripping at your ear and the drums banging at your soul, and when Toby kicks in with his gravelly vocal tones, the song just keeps building to one climax after another.

Loud guitars, smashing drums and energetic vocals have produced many great tunes in the history of rock. For someone as talented as Toby Poynter it is the perfect world to romp through meaty electric guitar riffs and churn out an ear-catching song.

Whether it’s the sly falsetto notes blended into the bridge, the layered harmonies or the chunky riffs that erupts in the chorus, “The Comeback” carries an infectious spirit. As if the Toby Poynter found the energy at the heart of his creativity to simply rip through this electrified tune allowing his soul to burst into a frenzied rock n roll fest.



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