Kevin Gullickson aka Radio Drive is destined for stadiums!

“Humanity”, confirms what I knew the first time I heard Kevin Gullickson aka Radio Drive, with the songs, “A Taste Of Heaven” and “Footsteps”. He is an amazing talent and gifted musician and lyricist. Every song is a mental and emotional journey as you listen to the words. Gullickson’s talent was apparent from day one and proven time and time again since, these tracks are just another step along the long journey Kevin is having in the music industry.

Kevin Gullickson aka Radio Drive
Kevin Gullickson aka Radio Drive

His music is the kind that you feel obliged to listen to over and over again because every song is great, you’ll be waking up with any one of them playing in your head and be smiling. Kevin’s amazing voice touches the soul as always, and his songs are stooped in melody and layers of never ending harmony.

Both “Taste Of Heaven” and “Footsteps” fall into this sumptuous harmonic formula. The songs are well-written, with rich instrumentation and somewhat intriguing lyrics. Far from conforming to the generic, club/electronic music that are dominating the charts now, Radio Drive’s music is full of uplifting melodies and catchy pop-rock hooks which honestly is a breath of fresh air.

Kevin Gullickson is capable of taking risks and he has done that to varying degrees of success on all his recordings. His observations on life, love and the spaces in between are hyper realistic, as though they are ripped from the theater of our own dreams—broken and otherwise.

It doesn’t hurt that he crafts hook-laden gems meant to make you tap your foot like a damn fool. “Taste Of Heaven” being a case in point.

The musical vibe is mostly contemporary rock with touches of late 70s Californian day-glow harmonies. “Footsteps”, and “Humanity” produced by Stuart Epps (whose credits include George Harrison, Elton John, Bill Wyman, Oasis and more), perfectly captures the vibe of AM radio splendor and the carefree optimism that overcomes us all somewhere between May and September.

Radio Drive sounds like one of those acts destined for stadiums, with songs that are buoyed by the kind of confidence and honesty that carries ‘big’ sounding bands to those heights. If each of Kevin Gullickson’s songs seems perfectly crafted for a record, they also seem perfectly crafted for the stage, with massive sing-along choruses to match.

MORE ABOUT: With the release of 4 independent CDs, Kevin Gullickson aka Radio Drive, with his solo project Radio Drive, has received rave reviews, radio play around the world alongside major artists and has had his recordings produced by Chris Garcia (whose credits include gold and platinum recording artists Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Santana and more), as well as Stuart Epps. Signed to the acclaimed management team – Artista Group – Kevin is set to scale new heights as he moves his career into the next gear.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Artist Website – CdBaby – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube

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