Melvin Fromm Jr. – “God’s New Ways 4 Life” is a blend of beauty and simplicity

Although my tastes in music are very eclectic, I never in a million years would have thought that I would like violin music as much as this one. But...

Although my tastes in music are very eclectic, I never in a million years would have thought that I would like violin music as much as this one. But composer Melvin Fromm Jr. who dabbles in various music-genres creating a fusion of instrumental music adapted to movie soundtrack music has turned me into a devoted fan with his single “God’s New Ways 4 Life”.

melvin-fromm-jr-680If you’re into the adult contemporary instrumental genre, you will absolutely adore Melvin Fromm Jr. There is something so magical about his music that will just take your mind away. It is energizing but also soothing at the same time

There are no ridiculous gyrations and flaunting of privates in your face or selling you sex and booze and drugs. Just simple music and enjoyment you can really feel good listening to, and with your kids too. “God’s New Ways 4 Life” is my favorite Melvin Fromm Jr. track thus far.

I feel he really hit his stride with this one. The music is mid-tempo, powerful and fun, while the violin melody is lovely. Melvin, as is evident from his catalog, has certainly set high standards for his music and that is a good thing because it comes through in everything he creates and plays.

melvin-fromm-jr-250bMelvin Fromm Jr. is finding his own expression in this track. It blends genres of music in ways that are very entertaining. This method of classical instruments mixed with folk and pop music has had an ebb and tide throughout the years, and seems to be regaining its popularity.

Like most of his music, Melvin Fromm Jr.’s take on the genre is simple, clean and consistently entertaining.  The combination of classic violin and modern beat and accompaniment is simply inspired. “God’s New Ways 4 Life” is an excellent blend of beauty and simplicity.

MORE ABOUT: Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. says that in 1999, “God opened this door”, after he put his feelings song, about his girlfriend Perchita Grate (now his wife). Melvin then had pro studio musicians make a demo of the song and in 2001 and eventually a Canadian Deejay helped Melvin get airplay in 56 countries.

In 2014 Melvin Fromm Jr.started writing and producing his own instrumental music and continued to work with many top studio musicians. As he moves forward building his profile and music catalog, Melvin’s popularity has been increasing and he is getting radio airplay in more the 200 countries to date. A variety of music companies are also currently reviewing Melvin’s work for Film, and TV projects.

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