Astronauts of Antiquity: “Future Back” – distinctive electro-pop!

Amazing is all that needs to be said about the track, “Future Back” – the recording quality, the song writing, the musicians, and whoever contributed to making this single. “Future Back” is the second track off of the forthcoming Beyond The Maze EP, available in 2017, by electro-pop group Astronauts of Antiquity (AOA).  The group is fronted by lead singer and co-founder, India, and completed by the guitars of B. Rhyan and the orchestrations of programmer, Ivica.

aoa-tl-profileProductions values shine throughout “Future Back”. This is a wonderful example of first rate mixing and mastering. Most will immediately notice it is ‘quieter’ than many other recordings (particularly noticeable in digital format). This subtle sacrifice in overall volume, however, yields massive rewards in the dynamics, low-end, punch, and feel of the track.

It is far superior to most modern electronic recordings that so often trade their soul for outright ‘loudness’. This is an infectious track by an eclectic set of artists.

“Future Back” seems to be sewing together the evolution of electronic sound, kicking the clock back to the 70s and then building from there into the future. Is it a formula? Is Astronauts of Antiquity weaving itself into our memories like a trio of time traveling beings rewriting electronic music history? It certainly seems like it.

I think as we push technological limits and get closer to becoming one with computers and robots, Astronauts of Antiquity reminds us to appreciate our organic origins and our wonderful intangible humanity, as well as how we relate to everything around us.

aoa-tl-final-coverI’ve listened to the track straight through 10 times in a row so far, and like it better each time. I appreciate something new in every pass. AOA have certainly broken new ground. The funky pop arrangement, shimmering keys and the soulful, chillout vocals courtesy of India, massage your soul, making all the stresses and fears of the new world disappear.

The vocoder vocals are poignant and fit in so well. There is an airy sophistication to the music that personifies the maturing of the group’s distinctive electro-pop sound.

All-round “Future Back” is set up as a well-paced journey through time and styles, if you listen, there are subtle homages to some older genres like groove, funk, acid jazz and disco, and all are well integrated to produce a new, interesting electro style.

This is something new, and fresh for the genre; it’s an excellent step forward and absolutely defines Astronauts of Antiquity as a phenomenally creative group. The video directed by Chris Cotter and Josh Coyne, is also stunningly produced, perfectly lending itself to the song’s theme, and proves yet again this the band is meticulous in all facets of their creativity.


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