Edgar Dickey: “Don’t Want To Be” for those who know and appreciate real masters of their craft

Originally from Rutherfordton, North Carolina, Edgar Dickey started his singing career in his church choir and his love for singing developed from there. Today Dickey has distribution through the Freeway Rick Ross music group. Those with good memories will remember that Rick Ross ( referred to as the real Rick Ross!) is responsible for putting the money behind the first Anita Baker album “The Songstress”, and also responsible for purchasing Dr. Dre his first Beat Making equipment. Edgar Dickey currently has 7 singles under distribution, including his RnB banger, “Don’t Want To Be”.

Edgar Dickey and the REAL Rick Ross!
Edgar Dickey and the REAL Rick Ross!

Now you know something’s good, when you stay up past midnight with the headphones on listening and hitting the repeat button. I was so impressed by this man’s vocal stylings; it took me back to some genuine old school vibes. The lyrics are ocean deep and he spans all the emotions of being in love.

These is serious a love song for those who know and appreciate real masters of their craft. Edgar Dickey has a voice that is truly one of a kind. To even try to compare him to some of those shallow and gimmicky RnB artists out today would be an insult to him and his listeners.

Edgar Dickey is probably one of the most talented and underrated under-the-radar singers around. Dickey exudes closeness, intimacy, peace, and strength all rolled up in one. The lyrics are smooth and deep rooted, while Dickey throws his soul into his deliveries but without the superfluous vocal gymnastics flaunted by lesser singers just to make an impression.

He knows the music is in the song, and the more singers put into a song the more listeners will get out of it. This is a formula all the greats knew about, and I’m talking people like Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. The voice is just an empty vessel if not matched perfectly to express the emotion of the lyrics.

Today everybody seems to be showcasing their voices, without interpreting the meaning of the songs to its fullest extent. This is a trap that Edgar Dickey does not fall into on “Don’t Want To Be”. This track shows him combining vintage soul and modern R&B to good effect. It also also finds him using his melodious voice to a correspondingly harmonious track.

Furthermore “Don’t Want To Be” shows that Edgar Dickey sings of love with a voice so real, so passionate, you know he has been there before. Of course he also comes full circle artistically, because he also writes, besides just performing his music – another trait missing among many of his colleagues.

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