Lewie The King: “A King’s Decision: War or Peace”

Lewie The King eloquently explained the concept behind his 13 track mixtape entitled “A King’s Decision: War or Peace”: “A King’s Decision was inspired by one half of my life and the second half some of the social, economic, spiritual, mental issues I’ve seen right and wrong in America. This is my first official mixtape and all songs were written by me. The title is a reference to one the King of America a.k.a The President and his decision for War or Peace as he represents the U.S. It is also a reference to myself “Lewie The KIng,” and the decision in self whether my music will be a message of War or Peace.”

lewie-the-king-coverOn this mixtape, Lewie The King investigates and lyrically dissects some of our most divisive issues: race, inequality, poverty, and power. The mixtape focuses on ‘blackness’ in America and I’m not simply talking about skin color either.

From the opening bar on the Intro track Lewie The King provide mind-numbingly complex rhyme schemes, ingenious references and allusions that are probably lost on all but his most attentive listeners, beautifully poetic artistry, vivid imagery, impeccable delivery and style, and the inexplicably uplifting, inspirational quality he brings to any track.

Lewie The King remains focused and true to the concept throughout the track-list. In a decade where terrorism has again snatched America’s collective attention, as did the police brutality events, Lewie finds his subject matter timely as the country’s first black president has just concluded his reign.

lewie-the-king-profileThe most effective tracks use rich metaphor and allusion as well as elements giving nods to our era of industrial, political and social carnage. Overall the mixtape is a cohesive and effective effort. Production is tastefully polished with a mature, cutting-edge, and even majestic sound and guests are reduced to only one.

Whether or not one sympathizes or agrees with his sentiments – and I cannot understand anybody who doesn’t – listening to Lewie The King argue his plight is a sheer joy. “A King’s Decision: War or Peace” proves to be a welcome departure from the current slew of so called hip-hop artists dominating mainstream music whose lyrical skills can only be described as sub-par.

Thankfully we were finally blessed with a Rap album with substance before the year closes out. This recording touches on so many subjects in issues affecting minority groups in America.

There is nothing new about an artist releasing a conscious or even controversial piece of work, but many stir the pot for publicity’s sake alone.  This is one of the few mixtapes that you can take something away from. Lewie The King speaks to influence and inform, not to stir publicity. I’m a big fan of conscious hip-hop and I definitely think Lewie The King executed it better than anybody in recent times, on “A King’s Decision: War or Peace”.

Essential tracks: “Some Justice ( Remix)”, “Control Of Us”, “My Fight”, “Sayin To Me To”, “Born To Win” and “Shoot For The Moon ft. RIO-T”.


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