Melvin Fromm Jr. : “Right Form 4 Love” is sweet, but not saccharine

“Right Form 4 Love” is yet another song, from prolific songwriter Melvin Fromm Jr.  Here the composer sounds rejuvenated on this recording. The melancholy swells, the guitar picking, the unmistakable violin, the solid straight drumming, and above all, the sweeping, unapologetic romanticism – are all back in stylish, timeless form on this track. Yet the greatest thing about this song is that it is unobtrusive. You can listen to it in the background for hours, and there are no loud or out-of-place instruments which will alarm you. Yet, if you want to sit down and concentrate on the song note for note, you will not be bored. It is that satisfying!

melvin-fromm-jr-250“Right Form 4 Love” is simply the most heart-wrenching, beautiful, melodic, melancholy, wistful, and best song so far from Melvin’s catalog that I have had the good luck to stumble upon. Get this if you like relaxing and listening to sad songs alone in the dark, like I do, then there is nothing better than a violin-dominated song to warm your spirit.

 Like all good music, this gets better with each listen: the subtle melody comes to the surface; nuances eventuate from the guitar rhythm; beautiful musical riffs come out of hiding.  Melvin Fromm Jr.   always reaches us through his fine craftsmanship and this release is no different from the quality songwriting which embodies his entire catalog.

The music on “Right Form 4 Love” is sweet, but not saccharine, and the violin bits are perfectly phrased. The combination of the two can be emotionally overpowering. Listening alone, late at night, the simple yet sturring melody and the sometimes dreamy, reminiscent soundscape is able to carry me away into a reflective state, separating me completely from a hectic day and suspending my emotions in a state where time seems to stand still.

melvin-fromm-jr-250bThe track might not be for everyone, but for all who are at least a little pensive about life, the irony of it all, the way things turn out, this could be a deeply personal, touching song.

 MORE ABOUT: Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. says that in 1999, “God opened this door”, after he put his feelings song, about his girlfriend Perchita Grate (now his wife). Melvin then had pro studio musicians make a demo of the song and in 2001 and eventually a Canadian Deejay helped Melvin get airplay in 56 countries.

In 2014 Melvin Fromm Jr.started writing and producing his own instrumental music and continued to work with many top studio musicians. As he moves forward building his profile and music catalog, Melvin’s popularity has been increasing and he is getting radio airplay in more the 200 countries to date. A variety of music companies are also currently reviewing Melvin’s work for Film, and TV projects.

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