CJ Godfrey Verse One Beats: “The Apparition EP” – big room sounds!

CJ Godfrey Verse One Beats is a 26 year old composer from Albany, New York who started making beats in the Summer of 2011. He creates anything from Hip-Hop beats, to Trance/House, and Acoustic Pop. CJ Godfrey produces big room anthems that are familiar, yet unique. They capture your heart and emotions with signature airy vocals that guide you through the euphoric rises and falls.

cj-godfrey-ep-350bThe melodies plead for freedom and the symphony of synths take flight over the steady bass lines. I first listened to “The Apparition EP” at the beginning of the week and it has lingered in my mind for days now.

It’s guaranteed that any track produced by CJ Godfrey will be great. And the 8 tracks here are no exception. Ammy Phoenix’s atmospheric vocals soar above the building tempo while beautifully complementing the gorgeous melody on the title track “The Apparition”.

Few producers interweave a beat with female vocals as well as CJ Godfrey does, and the reworking of “(un)Naturally” ft. Selena Gomez is the epitome of this skill. Yet he is no slouch when it comes to soulful male vocalist too, as can be evidenced on the tracks “B.A.E.” and “Daunting Solution” ft. Kinkades.

 CJ Godfrey switches back to a sexy, almost deep house progression on “Too Tired To Fly”. Bringing back the signature big room sounds and the beloved female vocal interludes, “Naturally Drop 21” and “Ewmatic” lend themselves ulterior club anthems, employing the familiar buildup phase into euphoric chord progression formula.

cj-godfrey-ep-350Close your eyes and imagine you are in a room with hundreds of other Verse One Beats fans – the tracks are right in his wheelhouse, and are perfect for just such a situation. As the tempo builds and the frenzied synths kick in, imagine everyone around you moving in unison to the beat in a moment of pure euphoria. CJ Godfrey’s hand is in the air beckoning you to feel the moment. Can you feel it?

“The Apparition EP” is one of those EP’s that you can rave and dance to, but don’t really need to. CJ Godfrey’s sound is so soulful and incredibly melodic you can just chill and listen to it if you want to.  But it’s not only dance, CJ Godfrey also gives you heavy doses of R&B and ambient grooves, as he does on “Daunting Solution” ft. Kinkades.

This EP expands on the search for a distinct sound. CJ Godfrey has produced a compilation that is uniquely intelligent, danceable and soulful enough to satisfy a wide range of musical tastes. “The Apparition EP” is a sweet, sexy, and a wildly thumping ride from beginning to end.

It never strays too far from mainstream, but it never is mainstream either. It manages to be diverse without being too eclectic, giving the listener an appealing mix of tracks that will get under your skin.


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