Jenny Ali: “Alive” sounds emotion-driven!

Jenny Ali is a 16 year old female electronic producer and artist who lives in a small city in Southern Ontario. Jenny, whose real name is Marjana Ali, grew up mostly in Peshawar, Pakistan but her family spent many years in England and Ireland too. During the first period of 2016 she went through a very rough time and turned towards music for solace. Jenny spent every second of every day working, on music, experimenting on her laptop and exploring the production process of music. Needless to say, she fell in love with it.

jenny-ali-aliveShe created a few tracks, and spurred on by a friend, during November she decided to release 3 singles – “Steady”, “Alive” and “Honey” via iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other important platforms.

Jenny Ali, who has huge dreams and aspirations, is currently working towards gaining the confidence needed to walk into a professional studio and record As well as sing her tracks. In the meantime she is steadily building up her profile with fans and followers who not only enjoy her music, but also adore her funny tweets.

Jenny Ali music brings listeners on a cinematic journey with various twists. Her music sounds emotion-driven and dives deep into the concept of Urban Soul, Hiphop, Ambient and even Chill soundscapes.

Embracing the idea of various genres coming together, Jenny combines electro banging rhythms with smooth laidback influences. The mood transitions through bright world music tones and soulful timbres on her Latest single, “Alive”.

jenny-ali-honeyWhile many might find the production on the simpler side, one thing’s for sure: this tune is super catchy and will prove to be a fan favorite. This is a track that will garner a lot of attention from listeners curious to see what a Jenny Ali’s other crossover tracks sound like.

Jenny will leave listeners in a state of possible awe, or pondering – in regards to the otherworldly experience they had just experienced from this 16 year old producer. She has crafted a song that completely embodies the Urban Soul and Electronic idea, and has well-curated the production to carry this vision out.

Showcasing variety in her sound and taking a chilled out route, “Alive” is a refreshing change of pace for the electronic genre and is definitely worth a listen.

jenny-ali-steadyElectronic music, or EDM as it is more commonly known, is not a genre in which it is easy to make it big. EDM is a lot like the pop scene, or even like the rock scene, where you have a lot of artists churning out very similar sounding material.

It becomes increasingly difficult to cut out a niche for yourself, and when you do, you have to cling to that niche for your dear life and fend off anybody who could possibly threaten your claim to fame. This is not a problem that Jenny Ali has for now. Perhaps one of things that make Jenny Ali so interesting is the fact that, unlike some producers, she has a unique sound on every single song.


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