Nathan Leaman: “Heartbroken” – the painful side of human emotion

Nathan Leaman is a singer-songwriter from Hobart, Australia, who has travelled around the world and lived in faraway lands. Leaman says that his experiences from life and those of his friends provide the inspiration for the songs that he writes. “Heartbroken – A song for the broken hearted”, is a track from his album entitled “Memories”. Running through his catalog, it becomes evident that Nathan Leaman is more concerned about sentimental reationships, and especially the heartbreaking kind, than anything else.

Love him or hate them, Leaman is not leaving anytime soon. Adored by many, probably hated by just as many, his heartfelt lyrics to his unassuming personality and quainter-than-thou vocals, is capable of creating a buzz all over. The song once again sees him down to the stripped down guitar and voice only style of his previous releases, with just a slight sprinkle of interrupted percussion to add tension and atmosphere to the arrangement.

Nathan Leaman has a heart-on-sleeve, melancholy approach to song writing. He grabs a love song and fleshes it out thoroughly. He doesn’t look for the happy ending, preferring to lament a tortured love life, breathing enough fire to ignite a thousand depressingly sad hearts, as he speaks to the burn of being jilted; setting a precedent for other lonely bedroom guitar heroes to feel right at home doing this too.

There are many things that make Nathan Leaman good. The first thing you notice is his passionate voice…and out of the ordinary delivery. Leaman is not a conventional singer in the same sense that a crooner is. He is more like a spoken word poet breaking into monotone song.  Yet his voice can perfectly convey the emotions of each song which completely complements the lyrics. The majority of the lyrics naturally being about are all about broken relationships. As it is here.

If you just broke up with your girlfriend “Heartbroken – A song for the broken hearted” is the best track to get because you will be able to relate even more to the song. The marriage of voice, lyrics and melody on this track leave nothing to be desired. There is nothing missing.

It is sung in exactly the same way that you should feel after a broken relationship. So expect just that – not the melodic crap with ‘lush beautifully layered harmonies and gorgeous warm soundscapes’. Heartbreak is an aberrant, disharmonious and faltering sequence of emotions, which Nathan Leaman so ably brings to the table with his singular performance.

Nathan Leaman resides in a small-but-fertile corner of the musical landscape, populated by artists who spend most of their time discovering the simple beauty of an acoustic guitar and a few honest words.  Leaman is more concerned with producing sincere, honest, courageous music that explores the more painful side of human emotion.


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