Jerry Collins: “Listen” – deeply meaningful

Jerry Collins, a FedEx Driver and ghost hunter, is a difficult person to review. Jerry is neither a singer nor a songwriter. In essence he is a newbie lyricist who finds studio musicians to sing and complete his artistic visions and put them into song. This is the case with the track, “Listen”. Jerry says that he was inspired to write the song after reading psalms 95-98 KJV. So how do I judge Jerry’s’ work? Do I look for brilliance, creativity and imagination in words. Are the lyrics a poem set to music? Do they perfectly blend and influence the music? Do they compel the heart and the mind?

Well this is a gospel inspired song, so compelling the heart and the mind is a forgone conclusion. But all-round Jerry shows improvement since his last effort. Jerry’s content is so deep, real, and sincere, listening to him feels like exactly how I imagine a relaxed, candid conversation with him would go. No pretentiousness. No fakeness. This is not even outright poetry – Just pure, God-given talent.

I just wish the production were a little stronger. While the verses and most of the hooks are excellent, the music isn’t terribly memorable. It does have a nice throwback vibe, but it probably won’t really stick as it should. Though to be honest the melody and the vocal performance is more than pleasurable.

Jerry on the other hand has captivated me with his story about the love and discovery of Jesus. It is such a joy to listen to him rhyme in simple prose that can be easily understood by anyone on any level.

Again, if we go back to the standard judging criteria and components of good lyrics, we’ll see that they consist of the Hook, Originality, Appeal, Focus, Phrasing and Form. But I like to look beyond that when appreciating a lyric sheet or its lyricist.

So when listening to Jerry Collins’ lyrics, I ask myself the following: Do the lyrics move me, draw me in, pull on my heartstrings, make me laugh, cry, think, or react? Do they entertain me? And ultimately, are they believable? I’ve already positively answered all those questions.

Jerry has raised the bar with this release. This track definitely represents a journey towards a much more melodic sound and is full of depth and texture. Once again the lyrics are deeply meaningful, and yet with every line he keeps it clever and fresh. I think you can hear some major growth and refinement from Jerry Collins with this release.


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