D Beez: “Paper” – a banging production and hypnotizing cadences!

D Beez is an artist from Boston MA who has already grabbed the attention of DJ IRIE one of the most influential DJs in the world. His single release, “Paper” ft. Fred Nice is a perfect example of when a rapper is of a high enough caliber to deliver a lucid, creative, and consistent track. Here D Beez can be fun and playful, grimy or poignant and thoughtful and sometimes he’s all of these things at once.

“Paper” gets off to a great start with an epic keyboard intro, giving the song a cinematic air while D Beez comes in strong, focused and charismatic. It is a celebration of overcoming insurmountable odds and turning an unfortunate situation into a triumph. It features a banging production, hypnotizing cadences, and perceptive and clever lyricism.

Boston rapper D Beez will win the hearts and ears of many trap boys throughout the U.S. His from the bottom grind will no doubt be much respected in circles outside of the hood, too. D Beez could be the poster boy for real music. His ability to draw from real experiences will earn him unmatched respect in hip-hop. Not only will his respect be unmatched, but he will carve out a niche for himself.

“Paper” finds D Beez at his best. Every bar is extra sharp. Every verse has been masterfully crafted. And the story feels true. Every line sounds like D Beez went into the depths of his soul to shine light on the darkest corners.

The track is nothing short of ambitious and lavish, with D Beez determined to seize a destiny that may be his for the taking. Much of his considerable talents as a rapper/vocalist are here in full display.

The most fascinating aspect of this track is that when it kicks off, you have no clue where D Beez is going to go with it: Will it be trap, R&B heavy, or will it be outright hip hop? The track actually goes in both directions…and equally well. So you want bars, but at the same time you want crooning?

Well the verse does one, and the chorus hook does the other.  I feel like the making of this song was easy for D Beez : I believe he heard the beat, and all his content came out effortlessly. Some rappers have their bread and butter style, and for D Beez, this song is it!


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