Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe: “Revolution Rerun”

Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe is the result of pooling their experiences and friendship and forming what they believe is to be the ideal vehicle for both of them. Billy made his debut singing when he was 15 after he had already made the decision to become a rock singer at the age of 10, while Panamanian born Rico Blythe was drawn to the guitar at age 13. The two become aware of each and began a casual acquaintance friendship after Rico had been following live shows by Billy’s band ‘The Blessed’. And when the band needed a new guitarist, guess who was the chosen one…the rest is history.

Fast forward to today, and Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe are back together collaborating on a brand new single entitled “Revolution Rerun”. Have a lust for intense, brash and loud punk-rock? Have a taste for rebellion and chaos? Have a taste for things that represent the gut of rock n’ roll?

Look no further than this brash juggernaut of a track. Armed with a defiant aesthetic, that takes the listener on a wild and freewheeling sonic trip to a time when rock n’ roll was the order of the day. Let all your worries, fears and everyday concerns disappear while you listen to the loose, passionate and carefree atmosphere brought on by vocalist Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe on guitar.

Have a laugh or two when you hear Billy’s provocative soliloquy – “There’s nothing new beneath the sun, everything has been said and done…a revolution rerun! Get lost in the soulful, chaotic, rebellious energy, and feel as if you can take on the world – like these guys did and still do.

There are many reasons that you should own this record. But the first is that it kicks serious butt. Billy Stark Stone’s punk-stained voice and Rico Blythe’s recurring fuzzy guitar onslaught, together with the minimalistic drumming come together to create a whole new proto punk sound.

If you want pure, intense and unbridled energy to get your adrenaline up, every time, you must own this. This is the essence of rock n’ roll. And remember – Play “Revolution Rerun” as loud as possible!


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