The Love Theme: “Jealous Woman” offers respite from the chaos of the world!

Dominic Owen is one of the most innovative and individual forces in electronic and urban underground music today. His latest, “Jealous Woman”, under his project moniker The Love Theme is in the same general groove as its immediate predecessors. More reflective, even ambient rather than party-danceable, the arrangement is thoughtful, interesting and mold-breaking.  We are yet again offered the distinctive-trademark The Love Theme soundscape with top-class production values.

With this project Owen has embraced a more mature, intimate sound – mood-setting music which you can actually listen to rather than dance to. And it’s not such a bad thing for electronic music to take deep pondering look at itself every now and then. To be honest Dominic Owen does this more often than not, and this is what makes him special in an overcrowded genre.

I love Dominic Owen and any of the projects he undertakes, as I know that even if I may not like a particular tune or musical set, I can be sure that the quality of his productions are never lacking. If you’ve heard much from his last few releases, then you’ll know that The Love Theme has a recognizable signature sound that blends chill, ambient, soul, RnB, Downtempo and an ever-present organic vintage sound.

And The Love Theme forges all those elements into “Jealous Woman”. This track is no deviation from Owen’s tried-and-true method, so many fans will be able to rejoice on hearing this blues-induced slow-burner.

Moreover what I really appreciate about The Love Theme and Dominic Owen, in particular is his music somehow always manages to set in and touch your soul. “Jealous Woman” is no different. Owen is, and always will be, a thoughtful and conscientious artist.

His music offers respite from the chaos of the world, even when his music is chaotic itself, which is not the case here. There are only a handful of producers or artists that can get you grooving and relaxing all at the same time. Owen is part of that handful. He also has the most creative ways of putting samples of sounds or voices into a melody to make something that the original sound is nothing like. He’s definitely a genius in that.

His ability to mix all manner of sounds to create some of the most diverse soulful electronica, will steadily earn him an ardent following as it has already been doing no doubt.  Dominic Owen’s music shows the future direction of this genre and probably much else too.

Electronica is not just the music of clubs anymore. It is the music of a society that finds itself awash in voices, information, and messages with the need of echoes from a cultural and musical history that has turned increasingly inward. Owen’s musical subtleties allow this musical history to remain prominent within its modern wraparound.


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