Melvin Fromm Jr.: Hero Life – loyalty to the old with the spirit of the new

“Hero Life” is another track from Melvin Fromm Jr.’s ever-growing catalog. That Melvin’s output parallels its own times is not surprising. He probably meticulously studies all the trends and vogues in music and the recording industry around him so as to be prepared for any kind of film score assignment that might come along. Melvin’s music is elegant and refined, maximizing the impact of its most dramatic sections.

But more importantly, Melvin’s music at its best precisely parallels his own personal growth, and it is that progress I track here. As he moves ahead and matures musically, you can hear him seeking new layered harmonies in his writing, more complex melodic structures that venture beyond the conventional thirty-two-bar song format, and a more dramatically developed score architecture.

Melvin Fromm Jr. is a reactive musician who reaches people through his music. And through his music has a lot to say. Of course, he glories in the sounds he is able to produce, and he wants to share that music with people. He represents loyalty to the old with the spirit of the new.

Melvin’s music seems to unite all the tendencies he has shown so far, yet with a mellowing and a maturation as well as a personalization that transcend any commercial and utilitarian genres that his music may serve. “Hero Life” sounds as alive and evocative as ever. It’s a gloriously propulsive keyboard driven piece which moves along at a deceptive pace.

MORE ABOUT: Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. says that in 1999, “God opened this door”, after he put his feelings song, about his girlfriend Perchita Grate (now his wife). Melvin then had pro studio musicians make a demo of the song and in 2001 and eventually a Canadian Deejay helped Melvin get airplay in 56 countries. In 2014 Melvin Fromm Jr. started writing and producing his own instrumental music and continued to work with many top studio musicians.

As he moves forward building his profile and music catalog, Melvin’s popularity has been increasing and he is getting radio airplay in more the 200 countries to date. A variety of music companies are also currently reviewing Melvin’s work for Film, and TV projects. Melvin continually draws inspiration from the beauty in life, love & his unwavering faith in God…and authentically passes on his passion to the people through the uplifting & empowering atmospheres he writes into his original music.

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