Sophis: “Schizophrenic Hearts” – deep, layered and atmospheric!

Haitian born Singer-songwriter Sophis started performing in the Bay Area in 2005, first with his band Kalbass Kreyol and later as a solo artist. He pulls inspiration for his music from various influences: Caribbean and Latin grooves, French-Pop, Haitian Soul, Funk, R&B and Electro-Pop. Since releasing his debut EP in 2011, Sophis has been building his catalogue with new songs, from which he released three singles so far “Lover Girl” in 2014, “Love Or Deja Vu?” in 2015, and most recently “Schizophrenic Hearts” in December 2016.

The song is beautiful, creative, inspiring, and amazing, it’s different than what you hear on the radio, but still something that deserves a spot on the charts and the lyrics are bursting with feeling. It’s actually quite hard to stop yourself from being pulled into the song.

What you will notice about “Schizophrenic Hearts” is that even when the tone and lyrics go a little overboard in the sap department you can be absolutely dazzled by the mind-bogglingly intricate production, and the fervent attention to detail that has been put into this track.

Literally every moment of this song has been filled with some kind of hook. Often the foreground and background instruments are fading in and out from each other with a keen understanding of how long to linger on any individual element, when to separate, and then when to join them back together.

For anyone who has actually sat down behind a mixing board and tried to do this you know how hard it is to make it right. Music Producer/Composer Tal Ariel gets it right straight from the start.

The deep, layered and atmospheric instrumentation is almost the polar opposite of the hard hitting drum track, and it works just as well from the opposite direction. The depth of the track is only added to by the tight adherence of the ever floating synths and airy string interludes. On top, you will find Sophis’ powerful vocal delivery and the sweet female harmonies, all blending into a hypnotic musical potion that will capture your attention from the very first bar.

I absolutely love the twists and turns that the song comes up with musically. All the little details are incredible and add up to pure perfection within the song. The piece is layered with a brilliant combination of sounds and rhythms that work together so well I can’t even describe it.

It is pure magic for my ears. I would have loved to have watched Sophis and Tal Ariel, create the song. With “Schizophrenic Hearts” they have created a lush listening experience of electronic and melodically infectious music.


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