Headrix: “The Dream” – out there on the cutting edge!

Asaf Vaknin, better known by his stage name Headrix, is an electronic musician from Israel. Headrix as a project evolved to include exotic and vibrant elements of Breakbeat, Rock and Rave music into electrifying and captivating combinations. A highly processed voice and a Grand piano – two opposing musical extremes meet, as the old and the new is forged together in a hybrid post-modern electronic sound on the single “The Dream”.

Headrix has broken the mold of electronically generated music. There is nothing ‘programmed’ or ‘sterile’ sounding about this music, in the sense that there is nothing clichéd here. The music is totally unique, yet endlessly modifiable. You can tell it took hours’ worth of labor from Headrix to produce the gems that are this single and the supporting video.

“The Dream” is perfectly orchestrated and executed by an artist who will obviously never sell out to simple techno music. At least that is my impression on listening to this epic arrangement.

Headrix brings an amazing amount of approachability and musicality to the more castigated sub-genres of electronic. He is definitely out there on the cutting edge, redefining how electronic music is made and characterized, over and above the usual EDM/Pop stuff filling the Top40 charts.

“The Dream” seems to be a major breakaway from his previous “Frustrated Artist” album, which seemed more explosively boisterous, dark and even angry – plenty of growling synths, rumbling basses and machine gun drums. More something like what Infected Mushroom would do.

Instead on “The Dream”, Headrix brings more organic influences and melody to his special brand of electronica, which in no way has lost any of its cutting edge brilliance, or  eclectic twist of genius – you only have to watch the video for more proof of this.

Headrix’s music is complex, rich, textured, and layered, with interestingly evocative rhythms, which stay with you, pulls you in, and grows on you with each subsequent listen. “The Dream” is the lead-single from the EP “Losing My Sanity”.

As opposed to his previously releases, Headrix now gives us depth and breadth where it’s needed so we don’t get aurally taxed by a constant barrage of sonic discharges. His lyrics give a sense of love with just a touch of remorse, there is sincerity without taxing the soul, sensitivity without weakness and there is authenticity without submission.

You should not compare or attempt to compartmentalize his music because I believe, on this single at least, that Headrix is one of those artists who is striving to take the less travelled road. The one which is beyond genres!



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