A.M. SNiPER: “Foreign Dreams” – a true show-stopper!

Anthony Melas aka A.M. SNiPER has been played across Europe, been featured on chart hits, topped the iTunes, Amazon and HMV UK download charts, as well as performed and collaborated with superstars from both sides of the Atlantic such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, Memphis Bleek, Akon, Julian Marley, Juelz Santana, N.O.R.E, Sway, Mutya Buena, Curtis Young, Rick Ross, Lethal Bizzle, Sway, JME, Ghetts, Wiley and more. A.M. SNiPER was born in England and grew up between his hometown of London and his cultural home of Cyprus more specifically, Ayia Napa.

On his new single, “Foreign Dreams”, A.M. SNiPER joins forces with LA heavyweight THE GAME as well as Grammy nominated production powerhouses COOL & DRE and EDSCLUSIVE. The track also features sampled vocals from dancehall royalty Beenie Man. A banger with a beat, a hook, and verses so hard its aggressive swag suits A.M. SNiPER to a tee. Love him or hate him but this urban crooner is changing the game and drawing attention.

A.M. SNiPER is a pretty unique entity in the underground music scene, considering how many major label artists he has worked with. But regardless of which side of the argument you stand, he’s undeniably one of the most industry-savvy artists around. His talent for crafting potential multi-platinum bangers with an incredible sense of melody is second-to-none. And it is totally evident on “Foreign Dreams”. He is not afraid to forge ahead in his lane.

A.M. SNiPER’s hip-hop is melodic and vocally expressive as he keeps his cadences steely and his bars hitting like haymakers. There aren’t many rappers as engaging on the mic as A.M. SNiPER, and he’s a true show-stopper when he builds momentum on each verse, experimenting with different deliveries and cadences. Lyrically he comes as hard.

He delivers his lines in a powerful way that makes you feel every word is important, and I feel that is how A.M. SNiPER wants it. He wants you to hang on to every word because he puts a lot of effort into them. You feel the impact of nearly every line spoken on this record. He has a great way with words and this album shows it.

A.M. SNiPER does not really sound concerned with his peers. His goals seem loftier and much more personal, and clearly the harder he pushes, the greater the results. If this single is a warm up to an album or mixtape, no doubt the main act will be nothing short of incredible.

There is simply no fat to be found in the song, from the carefully curated beat to A.M. SNiPER’s precise wordplay. None of the sonics overshadow what A.M. SNiPER fans crave: that hypnotic and surgical flow full of hard-edged barbs.



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