Trandcention: “Serenity” – a powerhouse of multi-layered virtuosity!

Trandcention is a collaborative project based out of the Northeastern U.S. Founded by Julian Lenz (cellist/producer), it brings together talented artists, producers and engineers from across the world. The members met at the Berklee College of Music, where they all graduated. With each artist coming from a different background and culture, the band includes members, Achal Murthy – Bass (Luxembourg), Harini Srinivasa Raghavan – Voice/Violin (India), Yogev Gabay – Drums (Israel), Aleif Hamdan – Guitar (Indonesia), Jennhwan Wong – Keys (Malaysia), Julian Lenz – Cello/Light Design (USA) and Billy Yeung – Saxophone (China)

A crossover combination of electronic and traditional instruments, their songs typically employ ideas from jazz, Carnatic (south Indian), classical-romantic, electronic dance music, progressive rock and various folk sub-genres. With their debut album set to release in early 2017, you can get a taste of Trandcention from their video-single entitled “Serenity” taken from their live concert show.

This is an unbelievably near-perfect musical piece. I didn’t expect this track, or band to be this good. Blending a delicious myriad of influences together and coming out with a unique type of music not heard before, Trandcention have managed to make this an instant classic from my ears. “Serenity” is addictive, whether it be after two, or two-hundred listens.

If you have an open mind and you have a passion for great music, you need to check this band out. It doesn’t matter from which side of the music spectrum you get your kicks – electronic or organic, rock or jazz, vocal or instrumental – either way you’ll be amazed.

At last, we have a band playing in the progressive mold without sounding dated or clichéd. “Serenity” is a real powerhouse of multi-layered virtuosity, crafted by cellist, founder and creative director of the band – Julian Lenz. I watched the video and then subsequently listened to the track without visuals, again and again, and loved all the elements of it.

The deep bass and drum interplay, the manic guitar solo, the genius of interlinking diverse instrumentation, and the wonderful soaring vocals, are thoroughly captivating.  There are probably more ideas on this recording than some bands have in their entire careers.

“Serenity” twists and turns, builds up, explodes, then lets you rest for just a little while to the sound of a shimmering piano before blasting your mind with a wall of sound. And all the while it manages to be progressive without being pretentious. You won’t have heard anything like this before, you’ll soon get used to the style and it only ever gets better!

If you have an interest in music that is highly respectable in its advanced musical theory, performance and creative crossover ideas, then you have found the band able to satisfy your needs – Trandcention!


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