A-Rushh: “Call My Name” – a sober and emotional listening experience

In 2015 Russell Menez aka A-Rushh, broke through with his “Toast to the Good Life” mixtape. The artist who knew he wanted a career in music from throughout his High School years, has never reconsidered since studying audio in New York. “Call My Name” is A-Rushh’s first single/video release of the year 2017. The track is dedicated to his sister his fourteen-year-old sister, Chelsea Mari, passed away due to cancer.

If you’re less of a fan of trash hip hop and more interested in music with substance, A-Rushh is definitely worth the listen. If you understand the fact that more than half of what you’re hearing on the radio is overrated and basic, then you probably understand and appreciate the art and substance in hip hop music.

A-Rushh stays true to his craft. There are no rudimentary random bars over a hot beat, or random punchlines with no meaning, etc… A-Rushh stays true to his lane, in his art of storytelling. And more than being a story, “Call My Name” represents history, because it’s factual.

And let me tell you: this is exactly the direction I hope hip hop continues going in – real, lyrical music. A-Rushh provides a different experience from the rappers who constantly talk about money, drugs, and women.

Humanly speaking, I would have preferred that the inspiration for the song came from an outside source and not from a painful and misfortunate firsthand experience for A-Rushh, but unfortunately we cannot control fate. But what this experience has done is forge a sober and emotional listening experience for the listener, which avoids all the melodramatics.

It would have been easy for A-Rushh to rant and rave about his, and his family’s loss, instead he steps back and ponders deeply, then intelligently dissects his experiences, carving out all the positive edges and bringing them to the fore. Which allows him to drop some wisdom: “I got it tatted on me, Let Go Let God. Need to practice what I preach, can’t be no fraud. Got to learn to relax with no massage. Without loyalty, you know you can’t have no squad.”

Without even trying too hard A-Rushh totally rips the track apart, and one of his strongest sides is his ability to connect to what he is saying emotionally. I wasn’t expecting so much talent out of this young man, as he delivers what I’d call ‘life music’ – talking about the dramas of life, overcoming odds, and his pearls of wisdom can be interpreted in many scenarios. P.Soul’s smooth production is another high point and comfortably accompanies A-Rushh’s easygoing flow.


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